From The Heart

The Chosen One

In desperation and fear, i thrust my heart away
Afraid of the visible, but undaunting in my soul
I am the chosen one
The one sent to restore the godly epitome of humanity
The one to set things right

In the midst of the wolves, i flourish more
In the midst of the sheep, i humbly stay
I am not to be touched nor foiled with
Too fragile to stay, too hard to leave
Tough and powerful, yet ever so soft

I believe in change
Not necessarily in materialism, but in the state of mind
In softness do i blossom
In toughness do i transform
In faith do i manipulate

“Tick Tock Tick” goes the time
When shall it be
I can’t wait to be harnessed with such totalness
I am the chosen one,
The one y’all await…


Morning Quivers

It’s another morning, a bright one
I can’t afford to terminate this very satisfying sleep
It’s time to get off my cossy bed
But my body seems to be at war with my mind
So i keep coiling, tossing and turning
Trying to get another awesome round of sleep
I grab my blanket and pull it all over me like my life depended on it
Finally i’m so into some kind of everly satisfactory morning sleep…


…Suddenly, **DING DONG DING**
Goes my alarm
How gross, just when i was about to sleep for real
But really, what happened to my all night sleep?
It’s never as satisfying as my little morning nap until my alarm interrupts
Those are just my morning quivers.:(:)

From The Heart

Just Observe: “Living Life”

I didn’t have my usual early morning lectures today, so i just decided to stroll down to school with my eyes open; not like i move around with my eyes closed but i discovered that i was oblivious of so many activities, facts and features in my environment.
There was so much positivity and enough negativity as well to match the influence of positivity. I realised i had been on d negative side, though i would never had admitted it until a friend of mine passed on due to an illness which i guess could have been averted if it was discovered in its initial stage.
I couldn’t imagine some very young chap struggling through creche, junior high school, high school and then through to College/University only to just end up six feet below; but then it dawned on me that all is vanity upon vanity…

From The Heart

Time After Time 1 (Poetry)

Time after time, i searched my heart
Time after time, i checked my thoughts
Could this be real or am i out of my mind
Is this my end or am i close to it
“No, you’re not” a voice whispers in my ears
Did i really hear that or do i hear from spirits too?
I’m terribly shaken and my heart is so afraid
Should i move on or should i not?
What if i faint and be weary in my uncertain journey?
What if i never reach perfection?
What if, oh what if!
Who would reason with me?
Will anyone understand my plight without seeing me as insane?
No, i guess not
Wait, what is main cause of my problem? I cannot tell
The origin, i can’t discern
My situation is much worse than you imagine…



I’ve always craved for a medium which I could use to get enough audience, share my views, tips, literary pieces and equally throw more light on under-emphasized issues… I decided to create this blog. This isn’t a speech delivery ,so I would try to be as brief as possible.
Uhmm…for the sake of formality, let me do a little introductionWelcome, I’m Charlene…this is my Literary blog, Happy Reading!:-)

Just sit down,get a pack of pop-corn over a glass of lemonade or chap man as you read this….

Amanda sat up in her luxurious bed and stretched,she definitely wasn’t in Ontario,Canada anymore.

She’d returned to Lagos a couple of days ago to prepare for the next semester.

She was glad to be back home mostly because she had missed the Nigerian delicacy and way of life.

Although she secretly wished she could spend a little more time in  Canada.

Now that the holidays  were over,she had lots of pre-resumption activities to engage herself in.

“Oh no!” screamed Amanda as she remembered she had to attend Boma,her neighbour’s birthday in a few hours. she got

off her bed,made it and ran down the stairs almost knocking down her cousin, Nnamdi who lived with them in the ‘posh’ parts of Ikoyi.

“Hey Amanda,why the rush?” Nnamdi asked with a slight grin,know how lovingly weird she always was.

“I’ve got a party to attend bro”  Amanda yelled as she brushed past him.

In no time,Amanda had done the dishes,served break fast and made the house as immaculate as her parents who had already left for work always expected.

“I’m done!” Amanda said with a sigh of relief as she headed back upstairs to get dressed. “You dont look like you’ve run a comb through your hair for a week”  Nnamdi said with a belly laugh and his head poking from behind his room door.

“Yayyyy,you’ll never stop teasing me would you” Amanda replied as she slammed her room door behind her. “Phew,! she exclaimed,now what do i wear?”

In less than ten minutes, Amanda was all decked out in a sparkly purple dress and matching heels, she’d just finished dressing for Boma’s birthday party which she’d been looking forward to for weeks when her phone rang. Just that easily,
plans for the evening changed……………