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Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

  Hi, I’m Charlene Chikezie, a writer, soul poet, body sports/fitness junkie and the curator of Naked Whispers Hub. I like to describe this blog as a special work of literary art expressed through writing, pictures, podcasts and videos. I’ve been writing for almost 10 years but I only got to start up a personal… Continue reading Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

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Rainbows and Rains

     Touches of  light and dark      Leaves a balance tied stark      In illusions, pinpointing Sanity’s   lack      A violent tumbling in between      Births gains and ruins; all in one.      In totality, it dwells in obscurity      It’s hard to decipher as mortals      Except you’re in experience like a few of… Continue reading Rainbows and Rains

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Letter To The Woman Next Door

Dear Woman,      I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a long time now; to see just how good you’re doing, but each time I’m at your doorstep, I hear him screaming at you to get one thing done or asking why you haven’t done another thing. I always retrace my steps and back… Continue reading Letter To The Woman Next Door

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Getting Inspiration To Write

             For writers generally, getting inspiration to write on your “not-so-inspired” days is a herculean task. Being a writer means you have to write even when you don’t have any exciting piece to write about. At one point or the other, we’ve all found ourselves at this point. However, I’m going to highlight some… Continue reading Getting Inspiration To Write

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The Footpath (1)

Footsteps… Silence… Footsteps again Then silence…        The night wind blew her hair backwards in slow motion as she looked behind her shoulders to be sure no one was following her. Nobody was in sight, so she kept walking on; clutching her purse in one hand and heels in another.     Fear was getting the… Continue reading The Footpath (1)

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Lead Me To The Cross

    Down on my knees     Eyes bleeding in tears     Lifted eyes to the hills     Lord accept my pleas     Desert me not in my pains    Just lead me to the cross     Walking through the dark forest of life     Paving my way through tribulations and strife     Running from the… Continue reading Lead Me To The Cross