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Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

  Hi, I’m Charlene Chikezie, a writer, soul poet, body sports/fitness junkie and the curator of Naked Whispers Hub. I like to describe this blog as a special work of literary art expressed through writing, pictures, podcasts and videos. I’ve been writing for almost 10 years but I only got to start up a personal… Continue reading Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

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Thinking About Busola

          You Filled me in                        Through tiny little sounds       Like scarlets and Flowers        You touched my life in between        rounds       I felt different       I felt stained.                     When I saw u smiling.       A mirror made of beautiful       reflections       When I saw you sad       It… Continue reading Thinking About Busola

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The Footpath (1)

Footsteps… Silence… Footsteps again Then silence…        The night wind blew her hair backwards in slow motion as she looked behind her shoulders to be sure no one was following her. Nobody was in sight, so she kept walking on; clutching her purse in one hand and heels in another.     Fear was getting the… Continue reading The Footpath (1)

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Why You Should Hire A Freelance Writer

          Anytime from now, you’d need to create quality contents for your websites, blogs, magazines and businesses to get to the next level of your industry but the question is can you do all the writings, manage your business, finance, book keeping and still meet your target? Maybe or Maybe not.    Now this… Continue reading Why You Should Hire A Freelance Writer

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A Night To Remember (3)

Here’s a link to the previous post, if you missed it. A Night To Remember (2) * * * 2:22am “Ah, I’m in trouble” I say to myself, every bit of me soaked up in a large tub of fear. I can’t run, I can’t scream, I can’t even fight. I’m totally confused, so… Continue reading A Night To Remember (3)

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Live In The Moment

  A time comes in life   When your emotions cut like a knife   From betrayals and terrifying goodbyes   Paying no heed to your goodwill and sacrifice   Leaving you with the mental torture   And haunting your soul with internal pressure   The pressure to find a thing to treasure   In… Continue reading Live In The Moment