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Rainbows and Rains

     Touches of  light and dark      Leaves a balance tied stark      In illusions, pinpointing Sanity’s   lack      A violent tumbling in between      Births gains and ruins; all in one.      In totality, it dwells in obscurity      It’s hard to decipher as mortals      Except you’re in experience like a few of… Continue reading Rainbows and Rains

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    It’s really cold out there     Yet my soul feels hot from the silence Seen so much to be mute     Endlessly waiting for when the stars are lit     What if they never are?     What if they never shine?     I’d be lost in the night     Like sheep without shepherd     Searching for comfort and shield     One I’ve… Continue reading Mute

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Real Hope

       Torn apart        Reeled by indignity        Stints of immoral pleasure        Separated my soul from his iniquity        How do I spell the words?        Hidden behind my father’s carnal        bud        His lascivious tints        And his sudden early morning feats        As he hollered above my sleep         And makes… Continue reading Real Hope

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Thinking About Busola

          You Filled me in                        Through tiny little sounds       Like scarlets and Flowers        You touched my life in between        rounds       I felt different       I felt stained.                     When I saw u smiling.       A mirror made of beautiful       reflections       When I saw you sad       It… Continue reading Thinking About Busola

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Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

       If you’re a woman out there, still struggling to be the best version of you, struggling to get over the pains and oppressions you’ve felt and nursed, struggling to harness the beauties that come with being a woman, struggling with not letting the society define you or your goals. If you’re still struggling to… Continue reading Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

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Lead Me To The Cross

    Down on my knees     Eyes bleeding in tears     Lifted eyes to the hills     Lord accept my pleas     Desert me not in my pains    Just lead me to the cross     Walking through the dark forest of life     Paving my way through tribulations and strife     Running from the… Continue reading Lead Me To The Cross

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Live In The Moment

  A time comes in life   When your emotions cut like a knife   From betrayals and terrifying goodbyes   Paying no heed to your goodwill and sacrifice   Leaving you with the mental torture   And haunting your soul with internal pressure   The pressure to find a thing to treasure   In… Continue reading Live In The Moment


Good For The Goose, Not For The Gander

       Walking alone and trying your ways        You’re not sure of what you do         Looking around and trying to guess        What the man next door has on his hands to do        You finally figure it out and find it appealing        You abandon your means and seek another’s        Cos you… Continue reading Good For The Goose, Not For The Gander