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Letter To The Woman Next Door

Dear Woman,      I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a long time now; to see just how good you’re doing, but each time I’m at your doorstep, I hear him screaming at you to get one thing done or asking why you haven’t done another thing. I always retrace my steps and back… Continue reading Letter To The Woman Next Door

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Real Hope

       Torn apart        Reeled by indignity        Stints of immoral pleasure        Separated my soul from his iniquity        How do I spell the words?        Hidden behind my father’s carnal        bud        His lascivious tints        And his sudden early morning feats        As he hollered above my sleep         And makes… Continue reading Real Hope

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Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

       If you’re a woman out there, still struggling to be the best version of you, struggling to get over the pains and oppressions you’ve felt and nursed, struggling to harness the beauties that come with being a woman, struggling with not letting the society define you or your goals. If you’re still struggling to… Continue reading Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

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Orange The World: Not a Private Affair

           Moji got out of the bathroom and sat on her bed. Looking at the bruises and scars on her arms and shoulders, she knew there were more at her back; though she couldn’t see them, she felt the pains.     Life wasn’t what she envisioned it to be. Barely two years into her… Continue reading Orange The World: Not a Private Affair