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Two Years (2)

Here’s the link to the first part, if you missed it. http://wp.me/p2GjCO-7F        So she cursed, bloodthirsty        Needing a quick fix        Just a pint        Across the bar sat just what she needed        A young handsome piece of cake         Her mind became full all of a sudden        What she would… Continue reading Two Years (2)

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Two Years (1)

           Two years.       Exactly two years since she last    saw the smile on his face.       Smile from satisfaction.       Smile from total completeness.       She finally gave him what he had always wanted.       What he had always needed.       His face pale and cold.       His lips stained.       Lips red.… Continue reading Two Years (1)

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Lead Me To The Cross

    Down on my knees     Eyes bleeding in tears     Lifted eyes to the hills     Lord accept my pleas     Desert me not in my pains    Just lead me to the cross     Walking through the dark forest of life     Paving my way through tribulations and strife     Running from the… Continue reading Lead Me To The Cross

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A Night To Remember (1)

9:50pm In my room, walking around trying to clear my head before I sleep, I feel clustered and I hate to sleep that way. 9:55pm I’m still walking up and down the room… 10:01pm My mother walks in holding up my phone,” Here, you left it in the living room” Me: “Thanks mum” gives her… Continue reading A Night To Remember (1)

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Nigeria @ 55: An Open Letter To Nigerians. (MUST READ)

Happy Independence day my fellow Nigerians. Today makes it exactly fifty five years since we gained independence from our colonial masters; a great thing isn’t it?  I can see a lot of people rocking their colourful white and green outfits all over the place, on the social media, display pictures televisions and everywhere. Its really… Continue reading Nigeria @ 55: An Open Letter To Nigerians. (MUST READ)

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I’ve Come A Long Way

      It all started like a joke       I never saw this coming       I believed no further       Neglected every sign       Displacing them as an ill product       Of my mental assessment       My mind was working round the clock       I couldn’t think clearly       I thought I was still at the… Continue reading I’ve Come A Long Way

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Two Sides Of A Coin (1)

      A story is never one sided, there always seems to be more… depends on individual thoughts, assumptions, or the conclusion of the parties involved. You cannot totally sum up the scores based on visible facts; which may look right by mentally adding one and two together.        Issues of life cannot be treated like… Continue reading Two Sides Of A Coin (1)