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The Footpath (1)

Footsteps… Silence… Footsteps again Then silence…        The night wind blew her hair backwards in slow motion as she looked behind her shoulders to be sure no one was following her. Nobody was in sight, so she kept walking on; clutching her purse in one hand and heels in another.     Fear was getting the… Continue reading The Footpath (1)

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Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

       If you’re a woman out there, still struggling to be the best version of you, struggling to get over the pains and oppressions you’ve felt and nursed, struggling to harness the beauties that come with being a woman, struggling with not letting the society define you or your goals. If you’re still struggling to… Continue reading Still I Rise – Maya Angelou

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Stage Play Of The Year: Abba Father By Peace Oni

              When we crossed over into year 2015, a lot of people had new year resolutions and to-be-achieved goals all written down, and one of my resolutions was to do epic stuff this year.       I was about to tick that as an achieved goal until I heard of the ‘Abba Father’ stage play.… Continue reading Stage Play Of The Year: Abba Father By Peace Oni