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Rainbows and Rains

     Touches of  light and dark      Leaves a balance tied stark      In illusions, pinpointing Sanity’s   lack      A violent tumbling in between      Births gains and ruins; all in one.      In totality, it dwells in obscurity      It’s hard to decipher as mortals      Except you’re in experience like a few of… Continue reading Rainbows and Rains

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Real Hope

       Torn apart        Reeled by indignity        Stints of immoral pleasure        Separated my soul from his iniquity        How do I spell the words?        Hidden behind my father’s carnal        bud        His lascivious tints        And his sudden early morning feats        As he hollered above my sleep         And makes… Continue reading Real Hope

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The Footpath (4)

Click here for previous episode *            *           *      “Mother doesn’t like to be kept waiting!” Wana called out arrogantly from outside. “I’m on my way” Nneka shouted back as she got up to leave. Sallie spoke again, her smiling face gone   “One more thing Nneka… brace yourself up, the worst is yet to… Continue reading The Footpath (4)

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The Guitar Man

             THE GUITAR MAN      I’m about to start the engine of my car      When I see an old man with a young     guitar               Who is singing and whistling.      His sores are open and his eyes are     closed      And he’s got lice and flies all over his     clothes… Continue reading The Guitar Man

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The Footpath (3)

Click here for previous episode The Footpath (2) *              *               * “Please, don’t kill me!” Nneka begged, visibly shaken. “Be quiet, or I’d have to silence you myself” Thandiwe replied brandishing a pair of long fangs. “Oh My God…!” Nneka gaped and fainted. *             *             * When she woke, she found herself in a… Continue reading The Footpath (3)

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Thinking About Busola

          You Filled me in                        Through tiny little sounds       Like scarlets and Flowers        You touched my life in between        rounds       I felt different       I felt stained.                     When I saw u smiling.       A mirror made of beautiful       reflections       When I saw you sad       It… Continue reading Thinking About Busola

Literature · Mystery · Tales Of Eve

The Footpath (2)

Click here for previous episode–> The Footpath (1) *                *             * “Like what you see?” a voice said softly from behind her; startling Nneka. When Nneka turned towards the direction of the voice, she was met with shock and utmost surprise.    The woman that stood before her was nothing compared to what she… Continue reading The Footpath (2)