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Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

  Hi, I’m Charlene Chikezie, a writer, soul poet, body sports/fitness junkie and the curator of Naked Whispers Hub. I like to describe this blog as a special work of literary art expressed through writing, pictures, podcasts and videos. I’ve been writing for almost 10 years but I only got to start up a personal… Continue reading Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub

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Personality Of The Week: Sheila Anosike

Welcome to the ‘personality of the week’ segment of your favourite blog. On this episode, I’d be putting the spotlight on a very beautiful and amazing young woman; Sheila Anosike. Sheila has carved a unique niche for herself in the entrepreneurial world, She’s a dedicated Dog breeder, groomer and trainer. She’s one of the few… Continue reading Personality Of The Week: Sheila Anosike

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Event Of The Year: CYF Business & Fashion Expo ’16

          If you’re stuck in Lagos for summer like me and you’re thinking of an amazing event to attend and have fun, then this year’s CYF Business and Fashion Expo is the right one for you!     The expo scheduled to hold this Sunday, 21st August, 2016, 10 am at The Haven Event… Continue reading Event Of The Year: CYF Business & Fashion Expo ’16

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Surviving Betrayal

         A lot of us have issues dealing with betrayals, deceits and disappointments the right way, without losing our sanity or peace of mind. I’ve been down that road before; trust me it’s not a nice experience even though it’s treaded often by every individual at some stage of our lives.     If you’re… Continue reading Surviving Betrayal

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Nominated For The Liebster Award.

    Earlier this week, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by a very sweet hearted friend and fellow blogger Kelvinlyttle of myvictusblog I personally like the idea of the Liebster award, because it’s a great way to communicate and appreciate other fabulous writers. It also builds an opportunity for you to discover new blogs… Continue reading Nominated For The Liebster Award.

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New Beginnings

Every new page is a new beginning, a new chance to life, a new opportunity for survival and a new way to brainstorm reasons for living life. Sometimes we get so carried away with the chaos of life that we forget who we are, what we want and what we stand for. We no longer… Continue reading New Beginnings

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        As we get older in life, there are things we become grossly unapologetic for, things we love to do, feelings we love to express, opinions we want to voice and a lot more.    However, I’ve come to realize that this ‘unapologetic’ aura is a sign of exposure and mental maturity. This means you’ve… Continue reading Unapologetic