It feels unreal; when your dreams actual

It feels unreal; when your dreams actualize
Not the career and ‘dreams for the future’ kind
I speak of the one you experience deep in your sleep
Slumbering away the lights of the dark night
Hits you like a storm, you can no longer tell apart; dreams from reality.

Quite frightening, I must say
For I’ve felt it before
Left my soul distorted and awake; lost in thoughts upon thoughts
Pondering on how ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ merge in such a way
That even human intelligence is defiled

Scientific hypothesis raped and violated
It can be scary, I know
Feel at ease…
Knowing that such appears as a beauty in disguise
Gracing you with that which is and can be

As beautiful as it sounds,
Be aware or rather conscious
‘Cause like a rose, it’s got thorns
Willing to leave you distorted or seemingly ‘insane’
As mere mortals would call it

Don’t be bothered by their lack of understanding
It’s nothing but a matter of timing
Every cloud does have a silver lining
Perhaps their mind’s eye might receive some divine seeing
Perhaps not, but as time goes by
The distorted light shall shine bright.