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Reason For The Long Break – Naked Whispers Hub



Hi, I’m Charlene Chikezie, a writer, soul poet, body sports/fitness junkie and the curator of Naked Whispers Hub. I like to describe this blog as a special work of literary art expressed through writing, pictures, podcasts and videos. I’ve been writing for almost 10 years but I only got to start up a personal blog 5 years ago (2012), where I share my writing pieces, voice and opinion with the world. You’re probably wondering why I decided to create another blog and I’m about to put up a font with a straight face and say I don’t know but then that’d be a generational lie; well in a sense.

When I first got the leading to create this hub, I initially had no idea why even though it felt right, I needed to connect with the reason that was welded in the inside of me. It took a little while but eventually I found it. I’d tell you but not yet… so read on please, would you?

I took a break from blogging on for almost a year because I felt it had fulfilled the purpose for which it was created. My first blog was like a source or medium of healing/therapy for me. It was like a cave where I drew my strength from, where I could hide and console myself from every deep internal hurt I had experienced. It did a great job in aiding my healing process but I was economical with a lot of sensitive things because it was too early to bare it all, at least at that time.

Consciously or unconsciously, I’ve held unto beliefs that aren’t right or wrong but just are. However, in the last one year I’ve had experiences that are worth five years and a couple of those beliefs have either been shaken, crumbled, held tightly or proven to be right. Some have been uprooted and replanted in a bare land like in the case of a secondary ecological succession.

In the light of things, my one year journey has been very insightful, eye-opening, drastic and almost unbelievable.

The scary part of it all is this… when I first started writing, half or a hand full of what I wrote about were from experience or experiential knowledge while the larger chunk were mere products of my overly imaginative mind, so it was easier to write or interpret the visions, scenarios and pictures I saw in my head from a third-person perspective but in the past one year, all of these imaginations have been rushing down on me in form of real life experiences for me and people I see around or have contact with, initially it was a very frightful experience for me because writing meant I could no longer mask things or be economical with some truths and that for me was a scary thing to do. It felt like I had lost my hiding abode and was standing on the highway, bare and naked.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but I’m willing to find out and be a source of comfort, solace and healing to as many people as possible. The Naked Whispers Hub is a journey in the right direction catering for the soul in form of healing voices, building the mind with tales from the heart and energizing the body with fitness elements and tutorials. I’m optimistic about this hub and I believe this journey is going to be worth the while; both for me and for you…

Share what going on in your head with me please, would you?

Charlene xoxo