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Personality Of The Week: Sheila Anosike


Welcome to the ‘personality of the week’ segment of your favourite blog.
On this episode, I’d be putting the spotlight on a very beautiful and amazing young woman; Sheila Anosike. Sheila has carved a unique niche for herself in the entrepreneurial world, She’s a dedicated Dog breeder, groomer and trainer.
She’s one of the few persons who has helped minimize my phobia for dogs. It’s not everyday you get to see young ladies moving dog breeding to a higher level. Sheila has turned her passion into a profitable business venture and that alone is a ‘norm breaker’.


Here's my interview with her:

Can we get to know you?

I’m Sheila Anosike, from Imo state, a christian, a holder, a dog breeder, trainer and groomer. I am
an advocate for the welfare of dogs,
part of this advocacy is reflected in my work as a trainer, helping dogs,
owners learn to live happily with their dogs .

Are there specific hobbies that make you happy? What are they?   

I love cooking and trying out new recipes.

How long have you been in the dog breeding business?

  Its been three years, since 2014.

When did you develop the likeness for dogs?

  As a child, i always loved dogs and wanted one, every birthday I’ll
beg my dad to get me one but he always refused. I used to play and walk
with my neighbor’s dog after school everyday. We were very close and we
bonded, so she was like my first dog.

Not every lady has the courage to breed dogs, where do you draw your strength from?

I draw my strength from love and patience. Owning and breeding a dog
is not an easy job, but love makes everything easy and fun.

How has the reception been from your family and friends? Do they also
love dogs?

They have been very supportive and
helpful,  they love dogs too.

From Rottweilers to German Shepherds, Lhasa apso, Bulldogs and
Alsatians. Which breed is easier to tame and which gives you hardwork?

Even the most seemingly docile animal can become a monster without basic
obedience training. So I’ll say German
shepherds are more easier to train
because they are loyal, courageous and their ability to learn and retain
their training is legendary. While a Lhasa apso can have an independent and slightly stubborn nature, house training them can be challenging too.
Rottweilers are more serious minded, strong, muscular, and training them
too can be easy because they also retain training well.

How do you manage to balance your daily life with breeding?

Balancing my daily life with breeding isn’t really so much work but i
divide my time and do all i have to do.

What basic routines should one follow in grooming dogs?

A dog cannot care for himself so its up to you to do it for him. No
matter the breed he will need regular grooming: trimming toe nails,
checking for fleas, ticks, burrs and tangled hair.
A grooming routine:-
1 Thorough brushing of the furs
2 Bathing
3 Drying
4 Brush d furs again
5 Cut and trim the furs
6 Final brushing, trims and touch ups.
Many dog owners believe only poodles and
other breeds with long hair or
curly hair needs to be groomed, Not so! All dogs
regardless of breed or
coat type require grooming.

In this part of the country and from your business experience, which of
the breeds have higher sales potential?
In Nigeria, German shepherds, boerboels and Rottweilers as security
dogs have higher sale potentials, while as pet dogs, samoyed and lhasa have
high sales potentials.

What specific things should buyers look put for when purchasing a dog?

When purchasing a dog, you must consider the following: –
1 Time and money
2 Size of d dog
3 Activity level of the dog
4 Coat (long or short haired)

You’re gradually building a brand, where do you see your business in about 5 years from now?

   In five years, I see my business growing into a large enterprise and
having international affiliations.

What would you say to people who have huge phobia for dogs?

   Firstly phobias are not easy to overcome. If you have phobia for dogs,
you cannot love a dog or own one, so i advice you to try and stay away from
a dog so you don’t get hurt. Dogs can sense fear, if they notice you’re
scared, they could easily intimidate you thereby increasing your fear.

What word of advice would you give to other  potential dog breeders who
are still struggling with courage?

Of all non-human species, the dog seems to be the one that is most
devoted to us. Dogs are complex creatures, each is a unique and
unpredictable entity, that is part of the
fascination they hold for us. So
my advice to potential dog breeders would be to have love, patience,
endurance and not to forget hard work.

Finally, who would you nominate as your
personality of the week?

My bestie, Henry Diala, a graphic designer. 5387xpression (@mayor5387)on instagram. He’s very creative and hardworking.

Below are pictures of some of her dogs.









You can contact her on Instagram : @Sheila_yannis

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