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Personality Of The Week: Jude Skones

Jude Skones

       Whoever said creativity doesn’t run through the blood and minds of most Nigerian youths lied…
It’s the start of a new week and I’ve got an interesting personality on the blog today, his name’s Jude Skones, the CEO of 69Designs. Jude is a very talented Fashion Designer whose elegant works had a gripping hold on my attention when I first sighted them.
I’m a huge fan of originality and creativity and from my interview with him I could deduce that he’s got an amazing dose of both.


Here’s my interview with Jude…

Can you tell us a little about you?

Well my name is Jude Skones Mmachuckwu Ashien, I hail from delta state, from a Christian family.. a BTech graduate and a perfectionist.

  What are your most preferred hobbies?

Cooking and in a weird way, walking are my hobbies.. lol

  In one word, can you classify your personal fashion style?

Well I could say I’m more of an afro western designer.

  How did 69Designs become a reality?

69designs basically started from the error made by another tailor.. who was supposed to do a properly well imagined job, but ended up messing it up.. and for the fact that I’m a hard worker I decided oh well.. nothing is impossible.

  What was that defining moment that made you know designing was for you?

Back in uni, I made shirts and got the eyes of everyone.. including the lecturers and school staff.. and most times they buy them off me and it sustained me in a way.. that was when I decided to pick up the trade and make it a profession.

How was the reception from family and friends when you decided to start off 69Designs?

Not so good… parents were against it.. Cuz I was originally into photography and music which they were also against… My dad always wanted me to be a mechanical engineer.. although my discipline in school was geology.. I also had course mates that called me an “obioma” (Street stitcher) but I never allowed it to get to me or break my spirit.


  Where does your artistic influence come from?

I love challenges… I love doing the
unimaginable… sometimes they come from nothing or something very Abstract.

  What is your best part of fashion designing?

Getting the returns (money) lol

  Dealing with clients can be stressful and frustrating, how do you manage yours?

Hmmm’ I’m still in school on this particular question..

There are quite a lot of Fashion designers, what makes your brand stand out?

My creativity is unique.. 100% originality

   You’re obviously self-employed, how
beneficial has it been for you so far?

Well so far so good.. self sustaining.. but you need all the contacts you can get to go higher and elevate to a better level

   What hurdles have you been faced with in your journey, both in the business and designing aspect?

Well every business man experiences difficulty in life.. be you a motor spare parts seller or a carpenter… same goes with my trade.. but God always sees me through.

   Everybody has a quote that keeps them going, what’s yours?

“Na Street, no reason am” lol.. as simple as that.


What valuable advice would you give to
others who intend to venture in this fashion craft?

Fashion is life, fashion is you.. fashion can bring you happiness and you need all the determination, hard work and originality you can get to achieve in this trade..

  Finally, who would you nominate as your personality of the week?

Well… Dolapo Huthman.. a twitter follower.. @dollycent.. the man should be a motivational speaker.. he has the gift. He’s been an online friend
for years and yes he is the most matured I’ve seen.

  Thank you so much for your time Jude!

Thanks for the opportunity and God bless.

*                  *                  *




And yes he makes the popular ‘Yoruba Demon’ outfit that’s got the ladies swooning!











You can contact Jude directly on Twitter: @PerfectSkones or follow him on Instagram: @Perfectskones.
He’s also available on Skype: Perfectskones
  Be sure to get first class services since you’re coming through me!

Know someone you think should be featured as my “Personality Of The Week”? Someone or even you who’s doing awesome things in your various fields or niche? Send me a mail. Let’s keep it a date till next week where I get to unveil my next personality of the week. Your Sweetheart, Charlene.

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