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Rainbows and Rains

Photography by Kellie Bieser

     Touches of  light and dark
     Leaves a balance tied stark
     In illusions, pinpointing Sanity’s   lack
     A violent tumbling in between
     Births gains and ruins; all in one.

     In totality, it dwells in obscurity
     It’s hard to decipher as mortals
     Except you’re in experience like a few of us
     Who’ve waltzed on the brink of death  
     Or watched it’s cold hands grip another

      The rainbow beautifies, no doubt
      Endless rain ruins it, every inch
      Rain, not in the manner of condensation
      Or all that scientific illustration
      I mean rain in its purest form

      The naked type that kills you
      Breaks you, moulds you, which ever way
      To hell with Umbrellas and Raincoats
      If it doesn’t rain on you,
      How would you learn, ever?

      Rainbows and rains like works of art, cohabiting
      Alas, it’s nature and reality working overtime
      Yet we never seem to get it
      Pain is meant to be felt not killed
      How else shall you be schooled?

      Tarry not, til’ you’re gone six feet
      Before your mind realizes
      The beauty of fails, pains and gains
      Dead people don’t feel, they peel and rot.
      Now that you can, choose your lot.

      Call it an infinitesimal approach to logics
      Of life and death intertwined
      Nothing on earth screams louder than both
      If you’re scared of dying
      How would you experience life fully?

      Tales and epistles boil down to one…
      To walk off the face of earth, a hero
      Prepare to taste the bitter and sweet
       For if you desire the rainbows,
       You’ve got to brace up for the rains.


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