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Photo by Kuroshitsuji1

    It’s really cold out there
    Yet my soul feels hot from the silence
Seen so much to be mute
    Endlessly waiting for when the stars are lit
    What if they never are?
    What if they never shine?
    I’d be lost in the night
    Like sheep without shepherd
    Searching for comfort and shield
    One I’ve never tasted
    One I thought I had till t’was yanked off
I’m not weak, no I’m not
I’m just tired of keeping quiet
Tired of the trances and imaginations of scenes
That be if I speak
Can you handle it?
Can they comprehend?
It’s too delicate to not defend
The powers beneath it
I’m afraid to speak
Not for fear of them
But for the fate of my aching soul

I’m not dumb, no I’m not
Silence means strength, they say
Yet, mine means death
Not of the body or soul
But of human emotions and passion
It’s hard to believe
As smiles deceive
The reality and truce
Of questions I alone know the answer to
Though I hate the burden of it
I choose to be mute.




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