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Quote Of The Day: Create A Relationship With Yourself

      Rather than dwelling solely on relationships with others, why don’t you focus on creating a relationship with yourself? Take a little time out to discover yourself, understand your purpose and what you stand for. Start a relationship with yourself, like you’d do with a lover. It may sound crazy but when the chips are… Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Create A Relationship With Yourself

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Rainbows and Rains

     Touches of  light and dark      Leaves a balance tied stark      In illusions, pinpointing Sanity’s   lack      A violent tumbling in between      Births gains and ruins; all in one.      In totality, it dwells in obscurity      It’s hard to decipher as mortals      Except you’re in experience like a few of… Continue reading Rainbows and Rains

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Quote Of The Day: Quit Hiding

    There’s never a ‘right’ time to launch our dreams, it doesn’t just happen. You’re the architect of your life and the writer of your script.    Execute your vision while it’s still hot else it’d become obsolete, out of season or a still birth. Work it out now that your passion is still alive,… Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Quit Hiding

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    It’s really cold out there     Yet my soul feels hot from the silence Seen so much to be mute     Endlessly waiting for when the stars are lit     What if they never are?     What if they never shine?     I’d be lost in the night     Like sheep without shepherd     Searching for comfort and shield     One I’ve… Continue reading Mute