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Personality Of The Week: Diran Areo

Diran Areo

     Holla, holla, holla! We’re back on the “Personality Of The Week” segment of your favourite blog and today we’re meeting a very special young man, Diran Areo, who’s the CEO of 5 Bubbles (Cocktails, finger food and grills). I saw his sophisticated looking yummy yummy grills and cocktail at Peace Oni’s Abba Father stage play late last year and I knew I just had to feature him on the blog! Apart from being a culinary expert, Diran is also a skilled organist. You just need to see him effortlessly work those fingers on the piano keys.


So! Here’s my interview with him.

Can we get to know you?

My name is Oladiran Areo, graduate of Marine biology and Fisheries (major) currently running a masters in Fisheries biology and management. From Oyo state, born in Lagos. Love creativity, entrepreneurship, and sometimes funny.

As a child, what were your most preferred hobbies?

I loved drawing cartoons, watching food channels (up till now) and saving money.

Where did the idea for 5 Bubbles spring up from?

The idea has been there all the while, just decided to rebrand in January 2016.

How long has 5 Bubbles been in existence?

Its been existing since 2009 but rebranded as 5 Bubbles this year.

5 Bubbles is a very unique name, how did you come up with it?

The name is divine; there were lots of names suggested,it was the least on my mind but after prayers & fasting (I love God, sorry if you’re offended), i got the Bible verse that backed up the name and Voilà!!! 5 Bubbles!!!

When you first started, how was the reception from family, friends and people around you?

Reception was good, in fact, my mum actually advised me to use the proceeds I got on my graduation in getting my first cocktails dispenser. Friends have also been supportive.

Apart from doing cocktails, finger foods and grills, what else do you love to do?

I play the organ and piano with drums (occasionally), so I teach little children music and I love to listen radio and watch the news

Is there any ideology or mindset of Nigerians towards Culinary services that you’d like to change?

Yes, Nigerians believe people in this line of business are the same by delving into catering and other aspects, turning into ‘Jacks of all trade’ and reduce quality of their products; but at 5 Bubbles, we tow a different line of creative quality, specialization, customer care and value for money.

Do you train and offer services to interested people?

Yes, we train. Recently we trained over 150 clergymen’s wives and secondary school pupils. We also offer private training to individuals. We cater to every type of event, we even organise cocktail parties for clients who want something different; we give clients an array of varieties especially our finger foods, that are so exotic, you won’t find them anywhere. Home and office delivery services are available, when you call or message through WhatsApp number.+2348024997685.


What were the initial hurdles you had setting up 5 Bubbles?

Finances, but I discovered its better to start small. Another was information, you need to keep yourself abreast of the trends in the industry otherwise you’d be left in the dark.

Looking at the bigger picture, where do you see 5 Bubbles in 3-5 years?

5 Bubbles in 3-5years will be a household name; as one of the prominent and preferred providers of culinary services in Nigeria.

Have you got any regrets so far?

No regrets, I just encourage myself even when things don’t go the way I expect.

What useful piece of advice would you give to people who intend to tow the same line?

My advice is for you to go into this business with passion and not solely for making money, then with discipline and focus.

Finally, who would you nominate as your personality of the week?

I’d nominate Adeola, CEO of Gem Accessories (@Gemaccessories__) on Instagram, her consistency and creative demeanour amuses me. Thank you so much for your time Diran You’re welcome always.

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You can check out 5 Bubbles on Instagram: @5bubblesng or Add them up on Facebook: 5 Bubbles Cocktails, Finger Foods Grills. Better still, chat them up on whatsapp +2348024997685 and make your orders, you’re sure going to get VIP treatment since you’re coming through me.:D

Know someone you think should be featured as my “Personality Of The Week”? Someone or even you who’s doing awesome things in your various fields or niche? Send me a mail. Let’s keep it a date till next week where I get to unveil my next personality of the week.
Your Sweetheart,


9 thoughts on “Personality Of The Week: Diran Areo

  1. This is great Charlene love. Diran has always been my guy, and I’ve known him to be very hard working and passionate and diligent in his job. So well done my dear.

  2. This is great Charlene love. Diran has been my guy, and I’ve known him to be very hard working, passionate and diligent in his work. He is also good at what he does. Well done Charlene.

  3. Hey Charlene… Good job!!! I would like to suggest a number of names for your personality profile… Peace Oni and Adebomi, formerly miss Mabadeje.

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