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New Beginnings

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Every new page is a new beginning, a new chance to life, a new opportunity for survival and a new way to brainstorm reasons for living life. Sometimes we get so carried away with the chaos of life that we forget who we are, what we want and what we stand for. We no longer look at life with wide bright eyes, eager to achieve our goals, pursue our dreams or even harness the good thongs of life.
    Some people have had dark, scary and gloomy days; I’ve had my fair share of it too. I’ve tasted the sweet, the bitter, the tasteless the acidic and the sour. Like others, I’ve been burnt, bruised and scarred but it hasn’t stopped me from appreciating life in its entirety, why don’t you try that too?
       We seek new beginnings in vain places most times, we seek to have happiness in our hearts; not from within but from outside. In a crux of realities, it is almost never possible to attract what you are not, except you’ve got an underlying good virtue; one that is recessive but appeals to people you come in contact with.

        You’re entitled to a new beginning that leads to great things, whether you think you deserve it or not. For if life played by merit, fallen legends would still be alive.
It’s not about the meal you get or the size of the plate, it’s about the plate with which life serves you and what you decide to do with it.
         A new beginning can be birthed at any stage of our lives, could be at 20,30,40,50 or even 60.
As long as you wake in the morning with the zeal to see life optimistically.

          Gliding swiftly, we’re already in the second half of the year- another opportunity for us to be the best versions of ourselves regardless of the darts life throws at us.

Swallow your pride and flow with the tide
Seize the piercing needles with it sew pretty fabrics
Catch the flying arrows, create great melody on drums
Get over your pain, exhale and watch happiness rain.

It’s a new beginning for love
A new beginning for laughter
A new beginning for sunshine
Most especially, a new beginning for soul healing

Here’s to a new beginning!


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