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        As we get older in life, there are things we become grossly unapologetic for, things we love to do, feelings we love to express, opinions we want to voice and a lot more.
   However, I’ve come to realize that this ‘unapologetic’ aura is a sign of exposure and mental maturity. This means you’ve experienced quite a lot to not even be bothered about what people would think or feel about what you love to do. This for me, in my own term can be labeled as one’s breaking point.( I’d do a full post on it, after)

  When you’re unapologetic, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about people anymore, it just means you don’t give a hoot about what they think about you or what they expect you to become.

   When you’re unapologetic, you have a sense of inner peace, because you’re not striving to be like anyone, or to meet up to some crazy societal expectation or to be that glamorous diva or dude when deep inside you’re a beautiful geek.

     You know, the society has a cunning way of submersing our dreams and caging us into fields we do not want or deserve to be in. So why let them? Because they say it’s right? Who says it is? Who are THEY? Who makes these incredible rules? Who on earth says you’ve got to follow this damned status quo? Tell me, Who? 
We don’t even know THEM and yet we follow and move around like a flock of sheep without a shepherd.

   Perhaps, a little research into the lives of most of our role models and Icons would bring us into the light. They never really did stick to the myopic and ill crafted norms of the society.

    Being unapologetic takes you to another level of self worth and consciousness.
  However, you shouldn’t use it as an opportunity to hurt other people or impose your opinions on them. YOU NEVER SHOULD!

    I’m unapologetic for living
     I’m unapologetic for being Charlene
     I’m unapologetic for thinking in the way I do
     I’m unapologetic for smiling even when the world finds solace in tears
     I’m unapologetic for crying when I feel hurt
     I’m unapologetic for taking the boat even when people want to to swim endlessly
     I’m unapologetic for telling people I love them ‘cos I never know when they’d drop dead
    I’m unapologetic for telling the next girl she looks beautiful even when people think otherwise because she doesn’t have cat eyes, well chiseled pointed nose and forever pouting lips
    I’m unapologetic for liking that girl’s picture on Instagram even when she doesn’t look like Kim K
    I’m unapologetic for being nice to that ‘maid’ just because people think she’s a lower being
    I’m unapologetic for holding my head up high even when life throws darts at me.
    I’m unapologetic for still loving even when loved ones have played a game of Russian roulette with my heart
   I’m unapologetic for loving God even when the world has gone haywire
   I’m unapologetic for confessing my faith even when the media is trying to do some faith- related word censoring.
  I’m unapologetic for having black as a favourite colour even when everyone thinks its absurd
  I’m unapologetic for writing my heart out
  And finally I’m unapologetic for posting this because I know it’s going to positively change someone’s life for ever.


Let me know in the comment box below. :*
                        Love, Charlene.


16 thoughts on “Unapologetic

  1. I’m unapologetic for loving every human being equally irrespective of their societal status, age, class , grade or social affiliations. #i like this post dearly.

  2. Hi! Charlene, thank you for the good work you are doing here. Please I would need your help on how to get my 7year old son to channels book club host, he wrote a book and I want to support him by getting him to the show but don’t know how to reach him. Please help me, my email address is Thank you and God bless you.

  3. I’m unapologetic for being good to people even though they never appreciate it. I’m unapologetic for showing love and putting myself out there even though it always bites me in the derriere. hard

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