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        As we get older in life, there are things we become grossly unapologetic for, things we love to do, feelings we love to express, opinions we want to voice and a lot more.    However, I’ve come to realize that this ‘unapologetic’ aura is a sign of exposure and mental maturity. This means you’ve… Continue reading Unapologetic

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Real Hope

       Torn apart        Reeled by indignity        Stints of immoral pleasure        Separated my soul from his iniquity        How do I spell the words?        Hidden behind my father’s carnal        bud        His lascivious tints        And his sudden early morning feats        As he hollered above my sleep         And makes… Continue reading Real Hope

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Getting Inspiration To Write

             For writers generally, getting inspiration to write on your “not-so-inspired” days is a herculean task. Being a writer means you have to write even when you don’t have any exciting piece to write about. At one point or the other, we’ve all found ourselves at this point. However, I’m going to highlight some… Continue reading Getting Inspiration To Write