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Personality Of The Week: Sochukwu Obumselu


   There’s nothing as awesome as seeing people utilize their talents in a society with lots of saturated niches. It’s exciting to see other young people in their chosen fields showcasing and exhibiting their talents.
However, my personality of the week is Sochukwu Obumselu. Sochukwu is a talented hand crafted card designer, I’ve known her for quite a while but when I first saw her work, I was “wowed” and I knew I just had to feature her.


Here’s my interview with her:

Can you tell us a little about Sochukwu?
My name is Sochukwu Nicole Obumselu. I’m from Anambra state. A student of the department of economics, University of Lagos.
I’m a creative person, I love art and design.
I believe all life is art and everything around us from living to non-living matter embodies art and design

What are your most valued hobbies?
Meeting good people, Having fun and
Lots of laughter.

Art means different things to different people but what does it mean to you?
Art means life, art is long and beautiful.
How did you come about Card designing, what made you venture into it?
Like I said I love design
Growing up my art teachers made cards; I watched and learnt and
I have always felt the need to create and making cards. It involves a whole lot of creativity. It’s tasking but it is fun.

How would you describe your style of card design?
Lol it’s what my brand offers …Difference

So what other passion do you have apart from card designing?
Singing and playing with makeup.


What/who has been your inspiration so far?
I’m inspired by art. My dad told me that no art is original and that’s very true. So I find the strength to create and design by just being surrounded by art.

That’s great…
What challenges have you had to face in your designing field?
Well time basically and the difference in customer taste. It’s also been hard finding balance between work and schoo.
And well the work at hand. Everybody expects something new

Are there any new projects you’re working on? And what is it like?
Well I’m basically working on getting better at what I do which is designing.

How do you cope with customers and their demands?
Well I implore customers to make orders 3 weeks before due day so I have time to work on their orders and just in case I’ve got other orders.
I work with detail, events, colour and any other special preferences so a lot of work goes into each card.
How do I cope?, I pray about it first.

So what’s that favourite quote that keeps you going?
It’s something my dad always tells me;
If at first you do not succeed, try ,try,try again.

What’s one of the best compliments you’ve received?
It’s actually after a couple of people saw a card and said “you’re amaazing”
And one other time a friend commented “God is good ooo”

So what advice would you give to people who want to venture into card designing?
Well I’d like to give advice to every young entrepreneur. Be consistent at whatever you do.
Most importantly, to every artist remember this, “a fainting pencil is better than the sharpest of minds”.

Finally, who would you nominate as your personality of the week?
Alright… so my personality of the week is Foladavid, he’s an amazing and a most inspiring individual. He’s a fun person and his zeal to work and passion to do more motivates me and makes me want to inspire people with my talent. He’s a good friend and a very talented artist.

Thank you very much for your time, Sochukwu
Thank you.

Here are some of her works












You can follow her on Instagram @handcraftedcardsbysoso or on Facebook: Hand Crafted Cards By Soso

Know someone you think should be featured
as my “Personality Of The Week”? Someone or
even you who’s doing awesome things in your
various fields or niche? Send me a mail.
Let’s keep a date till next week where I get to
unveil my next personality of the week.
Your humble sweetheart,


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