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Thinking About Busola



      You Filled me in                 
      Through tiny little sounds
      Like scarlets and Flowers 
      You touched my life in between
      I felt different
      I felt stained.              

      When I saw u smiling.
      A mirror made of beautiful
      When I saw you sad
      It made my life all orchestrated in
blue stories and broken inflections.
     I just wanted to stay in Love with
     I died to hold your hands and take
      you with love in you

     You thought differently; or maybe
      saw differently        
    With your words vibrating deep into
     Every single line makes a painful
     Every single word makes word with
     For your thoughts speak only of true
     While mine sinks below the ocean of
       true Love.



Adedeji Muktarh is a final year student of International Relations at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
With a personality as complicated as life itself, everything as regards nature  interests him. Thus his hobbies are infused into activities that are as natural as they seem; Music, Painting, singing, pencils and a bit of writing. He draws his inspiration from his personal experiences with people, and from the story of a Lagos street boy who only wishes to survive through the difficulties and vicissitudes of life.  Adedeji Muktarh is a guitarist at Night Visions Music Factory and a member of diplomatic news suites agency, OAU.

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