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The Footpath (2)

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*                *             *

“Like what you see?” a voice said softly from behind her; startling Nneka.

When Nneka turned towards the direction of the voice, she was met with shock and utmost surprise.

   The woman that stood before her was nothing compared to what she had envisaged her to be. She has expected an elderly looking woman in her fifties or sixties, how wrong she was!
This woman looked like she was mid way through her twenties.

She was one of the most beautiful and fair women Nneka had seen. Her facial features were intricately carved, with a perfect slender body, she was a proper definition of beauty.

“A-r- e youuu ‘mother’ ?”
Nneka asked in shock.
“Yes I am… surprised?” Mother answered her with a smile, flashing a beautiful set of dentition; from the incisors to the molars and premolars, everything was in perfect shape.

“Oh my, I’m sorry I’ve lost my manners, My name is Diana” Mother said again, stretching out her perfectly manicured hands to Nneka for a handshake.

Taking her hand, Nneka replied
“Nice to meet you Mother, I’m Nneka”
“Call me Diana” Mother said with a wink.

“But mother, that’s against the law!” Wana cried

“Oh Shut the fuck up” Mother snapped at Wana
“Now leave, before I feed you to the dogs” Mother said to Wana again, pointing towards the door; her soft tone gone.
Casting a defeated glance at Nneka, Wana walked away.

Nneka looked on, feeling uncomfortable.
“I’m so sorry about that Nneka, my girls can be terribly jealous and silly”
“But not to worry, you’re mine now and they can’t hurt you”
Mother said, patting Nneka on the back.

“Yours? What the hell does that mean? I get whisked off the road to some huge castle without any warning and all you say to me is that I’m yours? Do I look like I need an XX chromosome partner?! I demand an explanation” Nneka yelled, gradually finding her voice.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t yell in front of mother” Thandiwe, who had been silent all the while said softly.

“Oh Thandiwe, let her be… she’s the chosen one.” Mother said
“Ahh, now I understand” Thandiwe sighed deeply.

Getting more confused, Nneka asked. “Can someone explain what all this is  about? ”

“Come with me, you shall be in the light very soon”
Mother said, taking her hand and leading her farther into the apartment.

*              *               *
“So Diana since I’m stuck with you till I’m told why I’m here, tell me… what do you do for a living? ” Nneka asked raising an eyebrow as they stopped in front of a door.

“Well, let’s just say I’m the Queen or better still CEO of this empire” Mother replied as she punched a code into a walled device.

“Judging from the drama with Wana earlier, you sure are” Nneka laughed as they stepped into a room.
“Oh my god… Wooow” Nneka gasped as she looked around the room.

The floor was covered with an Italian rug all the way to the bed and other parts were tiled with shiny marble-like stones.
The bed was a traditional four poster bed with a purple silky bed sheet, a duvet and curtains to match. The dressing table was five times bigger than hers back home, the mirror could pass for the ones in a dance studio. The wardrobe was another thriller; golden doors and different compartments stuffed with all manner of sophisticated clothes.
This was every girly girl’s dream room.

“My goodness, this is paradise!” Nneka exclaimed, fondling with a designed fabric she pulled out from the wardrobe.
“What type of dress is this?” She asked.
“That’s a mumuu and its made in Hawaii.” Mother said with a wide grin.

“It’s beautiful…” Nneka said with pure admiration and material lust.
“Yes it is, and it could be all yours if you agree to stay” Mother replied
“Really? Mine? ” Nneka squealed in delight.

“Yes, this room and everything in it” Mother said, moving towards her slowly.
Nneka thought within herself, “this is so much of an offer”… sanity and morals were beginning to fly out the window of her heart.

When she got out of her thinking phase into the present, mother was already in front of her, just one foot away.

  “So what do you say?” Mother pestered as she looked deeply into her eyes. Nneka was too dumbfounded to speak.

“Come to me, for I can smell my blood on you, you’re the perfect one for this assignment” Sniffing her… Mother said as she planted a kiss on her neck and caressed her hair, trailing her fingers down her back passionately. 

“Get your evil hands off me!” Nneka shrieked as she forcefully pushed Mother to the ground.

In a moment, Mother was up again; mad, her calm demeanor gone, now replaced with a dangerous look of anger.
“How dare you!” Mother spat, slapping Nneka hard across the face. You have crossed the line I fought so hard to keep you away from. You shall bear the consequences” She cursed and stormed out of the room.

“Bundle her and lock her up in the guard room” Mother ordered descending the stairs in fury.

Nneka stood fixed to the spot, what has she done?. From the look of things, she was in more trouble than she bargained for.

“I told you” Thandiwe said as she and two uniformed women dragged her to the guard room.

“Please, don’t kill me!” Nneka begged, visibly shaken.

“Be quiet, or I’d have to silence you myself” Thandiwe replied brandishing a pair of long fangs.
“Oh My God…!” Nneka gaped and fainted.

My oh my, I can’t wait to see what they’d do to Nneka, would she go out alive? Or be locked in forever?
I’m dying to know and I bet you are too
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