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10 Tips To Living a Happier Life



    Time after time, we indulge in personal and mental habits that are harmful to our lives, health and overall wellbeing preventing us from living a happier life.

Do you have regular breakdowns from time to time? Do you need total acceptance from people around you before you feel important? Do you have the shut-myself-in-the-closet-because-I’m-no-good syndrome? occasional sad flashes? Or you just want to be happy from inside?
Then this post is for you.

I’m going to highlight important things you should do to live a happier life. Take note, this might be what you’d need to get your “go-happy” life back in full swing.

Rule number one sorry Tip number one…

1) You Deserve To Be Happy!
Don’t you ever ever let anyone make you feel otherwise, as long as you’re alive and have blood flowing through your veins. You are entitled to a happy life.

Happiness is yours to take. Don’t let meagre thoughts and feelings take it away.

2) Don’t Allow Your Past Disrupt Your Present
If you’re going to keep dwelling on those memories that make you sad and hurt, you might as well kiss your happiness goodbye!
Your past and sad memories are designed to reshape, mould, strengthen and prepare you for a happier life. So get off that train of sadness, learn the necessary lessons and move on with your life.


Quit the sad flashbacks; get a life, learn from your mistakes and move on.

3) Find What You Love and Do It
There’s no greater feeling than doing the things you love wholeheartedly. Even if you don’t get paid for it initially, the mere feeling of following what naturally appeals to you is a special kind of healing in itself.

Do what naturally appeals to you and life would be better.

4) Don’t Tie Yourself Down To Unhealthy Relationships

  When you’re in any kind of relationship that doesn’t give you joy in anyway, it’s advisable to take a cue and walk out. Be it a friendship, relationship with a colleague or whatever; if a relationship with someone leaves you depressed and valueless, don’t be afraid to walk away. You shouldn’t be tied down to people  that don’t give you joy or happiness all in the name of relationship.

Do not be a slave to unhealthy relationships, don’t be afraid to walk away

 5) Buy Someone Lunch

I’m not saying take someone on a date, just buy someone lunch with no ulterior motives, it could be a colleague, a random friend, a not so close acquaintance or course mate. There’s a secret feeling of fulfillment when you do little favours for people you’re not too close to. This is because you know they don’t owe you anything and you’re just doing it out of humanity.
    However, the bone of contention is to do something nice for someone at every opportunity you get no matter how little; it could be holding the door for someone, paying their bus fare, giving them a ride in your car and a lot more.

Sheer acts of kindness give birth to great loads of happiness, utilize it.

6) Forgive Those Who Hurt You

One thing I have come to realize is that it’s human to err but divine to forgive.

If we didn’t at some point forgive everyone who hurt us, we would probably be miserable people. This major tip about forgiveness is something that took me long to practice but when I eventually did, life became much easier. People would hurt you voluntarily or not but it’s up to you to decide your fate. If Jesus could forgive those who nailed him to a cross, why shouldn’t you?

Forgiveness is divine, live a happier life and tap into it.

7) Surround Yourself With Positive People

If happiness is what you seek, you just need to be around people who emit positive vibes. Life is too short to be wallowing in self pity and degradation.


Roll with people who think positively and life would be better for you.

8) Don’t Always Say “Yes”

At some point in my life, I found it hard to say no to some things and some people and I became a slave to things I didn’t like to do because of that ‘niceness’ gene; this happens to a lot of us because we feel its our obligation to do things even if we don’t want to. If a person asks you to do what you don’t want to, simply tell them you can’t in a polite way; you don’t owe anybody anything.

Say no when it’s necessary, don’t be a slave to things you don’t want to do.

9) Exercise, meditate and eat well

Healthy living is good living.
Exercise put you body in a better shape, it doesn’t have to be the overly demanding ones or continuously going to the gym. Simple exercises like jogging, push ups, squats and others are good enough.
Don’t forget meditation to give your mind inner calm, peace and focus. Yoga is always advisable.
Also, eating healthy foods; balanced diets including fruits and vegetables would make your life happier because you won’t have to struggle with health issues.

Good health amounts to a happier life. Be healthy all round.

10) Live, Laugh and Love

Live life to the fullest by making a list of all the things that make you happy and adhere to it. Don’t forget to let loose sometimes, go on a nice vacation if you can afford it or just be with the people you love. Its okay to laugh and loosen up sometimes, life isn’t that hard. In the end, you’d know that it was worth it.

Live life, laugh more, love more and happiness would be knocking at your door in no time.

Which of these tips have you been practicing, or which do you intend to practice?
I’m dying to hear from you! Talk to me in the comments box below.



4 thoughts on “10 Tips To Living a Happier Life

  1. get angry…. occasionally. just vent and free yourself of the tension. I sometimes find this very soothing and relieving and I’m happier for it.

    1. I can totally relate Nonso, there are times when I feel so angry and the only way to feel better to let it out, then after a while I feel relieved and free
      That’s another vital approach to a living a happier life. Thank you for reading Nonso!

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