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The Footpath (1)

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Footsteps again

Then silence…

       The night wind blew her hair backwards in slow motion as she looked behind her shoulders to be sure no one was following her. Nobody was in sight, so she kept walking on; clutching her purse in one hand and heels in another.

    Fear was getting the better part of her, she could swear she heard the footsteps again this time but she continued walking faster.
“Nneka, be brave… you have just one more street left and you’d be home” she said to herself, trying to kick off the fear that was setting in.

She tried to get her mind away from her present state as walked, today was her first outing with the “big girls” as she called them. Her rebellious gene and thirst for freedom had led her into this adventure and now she was on her own and as scared as ever.

   She was too engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice a movement beside her until she caught sight of a shadow that moved swiftly from the side of her eyes.
Nneka turned immediately towards that direction but saw nothing. “God help me” she prayed as she turned to start running.

She hadn’t taken three steps forward when two fierce ladies stepped out from the opposite direction and grabbed her.

“Who are you? Let me go! Let me go!” Nneka screamed as she kicked furiously at the women. Her voice echoed in night air, no one could hear or rescue her. The street had few houses and more bushes and uncompleted buildings.

“Just shut up and behave yourself” one with a masculine voice rebuked her as they dragged her into a black SUV that pulled up in front of them.

Waiting in the car was another woman wearing a grey coloured hood. As soon as they banged their doors shut, she sped off.
Nneka dived towards one side of the door and tried to push the door open but the other lady was faster as she caught one of her hands and yanked Nneka’s hair.

“One more stunt from you and you’d be a dead woman” the one with the masculine voice threatened again.

A helpless Nneka sat back and gave up as they continued their journey to an unknown destination.

“This one looks soft, what does mother want with her?” The lady behind the wheel asked after staring hard at her through the inner mirror when the traffic light stopped them.
“I have no idea, Mayela… mother’s instruction was to bring her in one piece, no blood spills” the woman on Nneka’s left said with a shrug.

“I see” Mayela replied

After about 30minutes of driving, they finally got to their destination and pulled Nneka out into a huge twin duplex. They were all women everywhere, from the cook to the official chauffeur, gardener, house keeper and even the security guards.
The whole scene looked like something from a “female uprising” kind of movie.

     Getting to the main entrance of the house, Mayela mouthed a code towards a breadboard kind of device that was mounted on the wall and in seconds, the door make a creaking sound and swung open.

As they stepped inside, Nneka had her mouth open in awe, this was the most magnificent house she had seen in this part of the country; the architectural features of this house was that of a 21st century castle. There were about three living rooms at the ground floor, with a very large pool in between. Art works were mounted on all sides of the wall, some abstract and some realistic but they didn’t look modern. One particular artwork caught her attention; it looked exactly like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virgin of the rocks painting but she couldn’t tell for sure.

“Come this way” Wana, the lady with the masculine voice called out to her while Thandiwe, her second abductor lead them down a flight of stairs. There was an underground basement and this left Nneka more surprised , she had heard of underground buildings but had never been in one.

“Oh wow, what is this place?” Nneka asked
“An underground apartment of course” Wana replied with a snort.

Nneka couldn’t care less, she was thrilled by this place and the technology surrounding it.

“Mother would be with you shortly” a girl with an angelic voice and face said to them and walked into what seemed like a kitchen.

The ladies nodded and sat on the high comfy stools at the inbuilt bar.

Nneka continued to look around like a child that was airborne for the first time.

“Like what you see?” a voice said softly from behind her; startling Nneka.

When Nneka turned towards the direction of the voice, she was met with shock and utmost surprise.

Who knows what happens to Nneka next? What would they do to her?

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