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Special Christmas Giveaway!



       At this time of the year, we all have events and to-do lists planned out for the season, lots of ‘get-togethers’, Christmas dinners, Vacations, Beach parties and a host of others but have you ever stopped and decided to show love to someone like Jesus did to us by coming to the world?
Yes? No? Or still thinking?

  Well, this is the right season to put a smile on someone’s face and it’s a more fulfilling and satisfying experience when you start by supporting the education of an African child who has no access to school items.



      This is a Christmas giveaway aimed at encouraging the education of African children.
You can support the movement by providing for that child today with any school item or stationery; ranging from books, uniforms, shoes, school bags, new pairs of socks, a new mathematical set and lots more.

     Let support the education of our younger generation and give them a reason to be more ambitious by participating or supporting this movement.


Clothes get torn, Shoes get worn out,  but Education is forever.

To support or participate in this special movement, you can call or whatsapp Queen Poba on  +2347065932129

  Put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas, be the reason a child doesn’t give up on education.
Be the rainbow in a child’s life today.



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