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Orange The World: Not a Private Affair



        Moji got out of the bathroom and sat on her bed.
Looking at the bruises and scars on her arms and shoulders, she knew there were more at her back; though she couldn’t see them, she felt the pains.
    Life wasn’t what she envisioned it to be. Barely two years into her marriage and she was looking like the victim of a wrestler.
The Oscar she lived with now was nothing like the Oscar she said “I do” to at the altar of St Mary Cathedral Church.
Of course Moji remembered that day, how handsome and adorable he was, and how sheepishly she had been smiling and grinning in love.
They had been reeling in a roller coaster of love and affection but something went wrong along the way, Oscar had become a scumbag, one who reduced his wife to a punching bag.

The thought of this made Moji’s heart melt as tears pooled up in her eyes and began to drip down her beautifully carved Oval face as she got off her bed and stood in front of her mirror.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me who’s the most abused of them all” Moji laughed with a sarcastic tone.
She had been strong for too long, too enduring, too tolerant to the whole situation. She kept hoping he’d change but each time, it only got worse.

Not wanting to come back late and receive more beatings, Moji got dressed hurriedly, picked her car keys and drove out to the hospital.

“The doctor would see you in a minute” a young nurse called out to a sober looking Moji, who just nodded in response.
      In less than five minutes, the nurse came out and ushered her into the Doctor’s office.
“Welcome ma’am, have your seat” a tall, slender fairly light skinned woman said to her as she closed the door behind her.
Looking at her immaculate white overall, a surprised Moji asked “Are you the new doctor?”
“Yes I am” the woman replied, flashing a beautiful set of dentition. “Is there a progsblem?”
“No, not at all…I was only expecting to see Dr. Tunji” Moji said with a sigh.

“Oh okay, that explains the surprised look, Tunji is away on an official assignment in Gambia to assist the United Nations in treating malnourished children, he’d be back in two months” the lady doctor explained.
Moji nodded in response.

Dr. Tunji was her regular doctor, Moji secretly thought he was either a “woman beater” too or just didn’t want to meddle into another man’s affair because he never asked her about the cause of her bruises, he just treated them, prescribed drugs or admitted her depending on the severity of her condition without voicing any concern. He had probably seen many cases like hers and thought to stay out of the way of their husbands.

“Anyway, welcome Mrs Moji Pepple, I’m Adaeze Orji” the doctor said as she shook hands with Moji and sat in her comfy chair.

“So ma’am, what’s your complain?” Doctor Adaeze asked in her usual friendly manner.
Moji thought for a moment, how was she going to explain her predicament to this lady doctor without looking pitiful? How?

Doctor Adaeze sensed her reluctance and decided to cool it down with another captivating smile. “Mrs Moji, you can talk to me. There’s just the two of us here”

Moji looked at Dr. Adaeze, it was hard to release her bottled up problems but one look at this lady made her let her guard down.
It was difficult not to, with that angelic look on her face and heartwarming smile, Moji found a confidant in her.

Dr. Adaeze wasn’t completely oblivious of Moji’s case; she had gone through her file before Moji came in and the nurse had filled her in. She only wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth and make the woman feel comfortable with her.
      After Moji narrated her ordeal, she broke down in tears. Dr. Adaeze rushed over to her side, placed her hands on her shoulders and began to console her, she felt really sorry for Moji. How could any man be this heartless or beat up a beautiful soul like this on a regular basis? She just couldn’t understand.

They were in that position for a while until Moji regained composure.
“I really feel terrible about what you’ve had to go through, Moji but why do you continue to let him do this to you? Why don’t you voice out to someone? ” a pained Dr. Adaeze asked
“Who do I report to? It’s a private affair, he would probably beat me to a pulp or divorce me if I do.” Moji cried.
“Don’t be ignorant my dear, there are many organizations that are solely created for this type of situation. You shouldn’t keep quiet about it… what if you get home now, get into another fight with him and he beats you to death this time?  What would be the essence of your sealed lips? Your endurance? Your tolerance? They’d be gone and buried in the grave like so many other women who have lost their lives in trying to cover up domestic violence against them.”
“Moji it isn’t a private affair, speak up and save your life.” Dr. Adaeze concluded.

The “Orange The World Campaign Kicked off yesterday, November, 25. It’s a campaign against domestic violence and is going to last for 16 days; from the 25th of November through to the 10th of December. Don’t keep calm, support the United Nations and other international bodies as we fight against gender based  domestic violence.
Orange the world in 16 days, try to avert that violence and put a smile on an abused woman today.



Let me know in the comment box below, how you intend to “Orange the World” like I just did.

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