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How To Overcome Stage Fright. Part 1

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         At one point or the other, there comes a time in our lives when we have to climb the stage to deliver speeches, talks, perform a song, engage in a debate or act in front of a thousand and one or more people. But the question is, after preparing for your speech or song, how ready are you to handle the stage? How ready are you to speak to your audience without coming off as nervous or timid or even faint in fright of their cold stares?

You are not alone
Few years ago when I was much younger, I was literarily forced to deliver a speech in front of a little crowd. Of course I’ve had to stand in front of a crowd and sing but that was with about twenty other people. So this was like asking me to somersault in heels.
After doing series of preparations, the day finally came. But before I got to the stage, there were thousands of butterflies swimming in my tummy and the tension I felt was so thick you could cut through it with the proverbial knife.
As soon as I got on stage, my head went totally blank! everything I revised and practiced flew right out the window.
The cold stares from the audience had me grasping the microphone tightly like it was my lifeline, I opened my mouth to speak but not a single word cane out, so I was left standing there like a chicken in fright. Not so good huh!

However, this post is going to teach you to overcome stage fright.

According to research, stage fright has been recorded as the greatest fear expressed by individuals followed by death.
Now that points out a fact that experiencing stage fright is a situation which happens to everyone at some point of their lives.
But not to worry, the second part of this post is designed to teach you how to overcome your fears, speak confidently and possibly gain a standing ovation.

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