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Two Years (1)



      Two years.
      Exactly two years since she last    saw the smile on his face.
      Smile from satisfaction.
      Smile from total completeness.
      She finally gave him what he had always wanted.
      What he had always needed.
      His face pale and cold.
      His lips stained.
      Lips red. Lips rich with the stuff of life.
      Two red holes on her neck.
      Right under her left chin.
      Hurting but she feels fulfilled now that he’s finally breathing.
      Breathing. But with no heartbeat.
      He’s living now. Dead but living.
      His lips revealing two protruding sharp pieces of dentition.
      Smell of iron oozing from his mouth. Only one thing;
      Has she made a mistake?
      Has she struck the bell to trigger the consciousness of a monster?
      Has she opened the danger gates and shut the window of safety?
     She feels numb now, she doesn’t mind.
     Totally worth it.
     She has seen that smile now.
     Two years.

By Paul iK


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