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A Night To Remember (3)


Here’s a link to the previous post, if you missed it. A Night To Remember (2)

* * *

“Ah, I’m in trouble” I say to myself, every bit of me soaked up in a large tub of fear.
I can’t run, I can’t scream, I can’t even fight.
I’m totally confused, so unsure of what to expect. Wishing I had learnt karate when others were learning.

“Be calm, Charlene” he says to me in a a light tone but with a deep accent.
What?! Be calm?! Are you kidding me?!
How on earth does he know my name?!
I want to faint but fainting doesn’t come.
A man appears into my room by 2:00am and asks me to be calm when he’s locked my doors with his magical powers? Never!

“This is not happening, this is not happening” I say as tiny drops of tears begin to roll down my face as I’m shaking my head from left to right and chanting the words like a life saving mantra.
My inner goddess has long deserted me; she’s under her tiny bed pleading the blood of Jesus.
I’m alone in all of this.
No one to save me.
No one to rescue me.

My inner goddess with her hypersensitivity comes alive and starts to think and imagine so many things…
What does he want with me?
Who is he?
What’s his mission?
And what does he plan to do to me?

My hypersensitive part concludes…
God forbid! It can’t be!
Now I want to die, Tension has taken over me but somehow curiosity manages to creep in.
So I raise my head to sneak a peep in his direction.

This strange man is calm and silent, watching me from his heavy lidded eyes. His eyeball look brown or so, I can’t tell because I quickly look away.

And in a second, he’s on my bed; seated at one end.
And he gestures to me in an authoritative voice “Sit down”

“I told you” my inner goddess says to me.
“You’re a goner” she says in my head and faints.
Leaving a panic stricken me to face this.
“Oh God, what do I do?”

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