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A Night To Remember (2)


Here’s a link to the previous post, if you missed it
[[[[A Night To Remember (1) – ]]]]

I see a bright formless object in the sky, and I rub and squint my eyes, trying to be sure I’m not hallucinating or imagining things, but the object is still in the sky staring down at me. I move my gaze to the other end of my window and the object moves as well. Terrified, I get up, shut the window and pull the curtains.
As I’m about to shut my other window, I see the same object more clearly now and its begining to take the form a human… “Blood Of Jesus!” I scream and quickly pull the curtains close.
I’m visibly shaking in fear now.

In fear, I roll off my bed, go down on my knees and begin to fire strong prayers….

I’m still on my knees praying.

I’m still strongly rooted in the spirit and mood of prayer… and I begin to bind and cast…
As I’m praying, sleep begins to creep into my eyes. “The devil is a liar” I say and shake my head, rub my eyes and continue to pray.
I’m praying and dozing simultaneously, occasionally nodding my head and repeating one prayer point five times.
Still on my knees, the previous scare forgotten. Then I feel a soft tap on my right shoulder, I dismiss it as my braids because I’m dozing and my hair is moving as I nod. But I feel the tap again, more firm this time; the tap of a human. “What is mummy doing in my room by this time ehn” I say as I turn to face the direction of the tap.
But to my dismay, its not my mother. “JESUS!” There’s a strange man in my room! Ahhhhh! An unfamiliar man standing beside my bed
How did he get in?
I run to the door and try to escape, I’m struggling with the door knob until I find out its locked from outside.
I’m more than terrified now, this is like a nightmare, so I run again to my bathroom but the door is locked as well.
“Oh My God, save me” I whisper with my eyes closed . Now I’m fearfully shaking in front of my bathroom door like a convulsive chicken. Afraid of what will happen next….

Writer’s note:
Want to know what happens next? Kindly subscribe to the concluding part of this post which would be posted anytime from now.
Charlene xoxo


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