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Personality Of The Week: Chiamaka Obuekwe


From the east, west, north and south- there are lots of amazing people striding across the “Nigeriansphere” that ought not to go unnoticed, and today I’d be fixing the spotlight on Chiamaka Obuekwe, an amazing travel blogger, who’s from Anambra state and is synonymous with mind blowing touring experiences. Also, she’s widely known as the “Social Prefect”.


First of all, how did you come about the name “Social Prefect”?
Lol, Ok the name was given to me by one of my friends; she was actually joking. She said she thinks that I should be the social prefect of our office because I know a lot of people and I go out a lot; basically because I’m very sociable, So the name stuck and I thought it was the perfect name for my blog.

What was growing up like for you?
Well, I enjoyed my childhood I must say. I’m the first born and only girl. I have 3 brothers
We played a lot when growing up and our mom took us to a lot of fun places. Which is where I got my outgoing nature from.

If you were asked to draft a quick biography of yourself, what would it read?
My name is Chiamaka Obuekwe and I like to say that I am unapologetically outgoing

As an outgoing person, what really makes you happy?
I love meeting people,and attending events but the thing that makes me happy the most is exploring,I love finding new places, travelling and touring.

What prompted you into creating a travel blog? And when did you start?
I started blogging early this year, but I started nursing the interest from late last year.
Well basically, I started blogging because of my love for exploring and I used to post pictures of the places I visited on social media,
Then a lot of people used to consult with me. Asking me where they can visit for dates and what not.
So I’ve decided to create a larger platform to tell my stories and do reviews.

Really nice, If there were no automobiles or Airplanes and you had to tour the world by foot, would you still travel? And why?

Hahaha, Yes I would.
I travel to be educated. To see things differently, to learn new cultures and meet different people. I’m really inquisitive, so I want to see places and know the history behind them.

What unexpected hurdles have you had in your journey so far?
Well I can’t really say which unexpected hurdles I’ve had to overcome.
But there have been some slight issues like reduced traffic on my blog; that’s readers
Emm so I’ve had to re strategise.
Then also I’ve had issues with time; not having enough time to blog.
There was even a particular month I didn’t blog for some weeks, I felt like I had let my readers down because consistency is key.

You’re called up for an impromptu tour, what are the first five things you’d take? And why?
Lol… Emm my camera because it’s inevitable. Forgetting my camera is like forgetting a big part of me.
I have to capture different locations and interesting views
Then money because any unexpected expenses can come up and you don’t want to be embarrassed
Then I also go with my phone, because it’s very important. Of course
Then I always prefer wearing shorts because they’re comfortable . So I’ll pack those too.
Lastly, my trainers. They’re the best touring shoes. You can walk on anything and you’re not scared of putting your leg almost anywhere. It also helps you climb and run faster.


Have you got any hidden passion/ambition yet unattained?

Emm yes I want to start a tourism event in Nigeria.
And write a book too. More like a photo book. A compilation of all my trips.

Are there remarkable places you’ve been to that crack you up whenever you remember?
The remarkable moments that crack me up are times when I’m scared of heights. Sometimes even as adventurous as I am I get scared of heights and scary landscapes.
The two funniest ones were at Lekki conservation centre when we were climbing the canopy walk. I was really scared and shaky and some of my friends were laughing at me.
Then also at Erin Ijesha waterfalls. I practically had to be carried or led through because I was scared of falling. Lol


Who/What has been your biggest travel Inspiration?
My greatest travel inspiration is Hmm Sharon Mundia of
She’s a Kenyan fashion blogger who actually travels a lot and I enjoy her travel pictures and adventures. They are so inspiring.

A quick tip/advice for intending travel bloggers?
My tip for upcoming travel bloggers. Do it because you’re passionate about it.
Don’t do it because everyone is going into it.
That’s all that’d keep you going.
Then be adventurous and daring when you travel. Always explore and try something. You should also research about interesting places to visit and ask questions, so you can have an idea of what to expect and also plan properly.

What is that quote that keeps you going?
Stop comparing yourself with others. Stay on your own lane, you are unique and special.

Finally, who would you nominate as your personality of the week?
I would nominate Aniefiok Ntia (my boyfriend). He is really supportive and a great person.
He’s my favourite travel buddy and the one always helping me when I’m scared of heights, though sometimes he laughs at me, lol
Anyway, he has an awesome personality, more quiet than me, but equally adventurous and fun loving and everyone should know him.


Nice! Thank you for your time, Chiamaka.
Thanks for the feature dear.

You can check out her blog on or follow her on Instagram @Socialprefect










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Know someone you think should be featured as my “Personality Of The Week”? Someone or even you who’s doing awesome things in your various fields or niche?  Send me a mail.
Let’s keep a date till next time, where I get to unveil my next personality of the week.
                    Your humble sweetheart,                Charlene.


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