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Lead Me To The Cross


    Down on my knees
    Eyes bleeding in tears
    Lifted eyes to the hills
    Lord accept my pleas
    Desert me not in my pains
   Just lead me to the cross

    Walking through the dark forest of life
    Paving my way through tribulations and strife
    Running from the devouring hands of the wolf
    Almost fell off the cliff
    But for his grace which kept me safe
    Preparing my way for the afterlife

    Heart beating faster, mind whirling
    Trying hard to keep my focus on believing
    Steadily keeping my spirit from deviating
   Each step in faith leaves my soul soothing
   My horizons in your word, largely expanding
   For you took me by the arm and to your cross leading
   I’ve let go of my pride, free from worldly wants
   Now basking in your fullness and grace release
   You’ve relinquished blame and washed my sins
   I strode in humility and I he lifted with ease
   I sought for his blessings and he gave me in dozens
  Joy rebounding as he leads me to the cross

   Tried to walk a mile in your shoes
   But I fell to the ground like a toddler would
   I took your words and promises with levity
   Oblivious of your supreme power and its gravity
   Reshape my mind and remind me of eternity
   Just hold me and lead me to the cross.

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