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Nigeria @ 55: An Open Letter To Nigerians. (MUST READ)

Photo by Kelechi Amadi Obi

Happy Independence day my fellow Nigerians. Today makes it exactly fifty five years since we gained independence from our colonial masters; a great thing isn’t it? 
I can see a lot of people rocking their colourful white and green outfits all over the place, on the social media, display pictures televisions and everywhere. Its really beautiful and amazing but I think it’s necessary that we have an independence day review, more like a retrospect on our course over the years.

    Contrary to popular belief, Nigeria has grown economically and expanded in various sectors from 1960 till date. It is an undeniable fact that we have waxed stronger and expanded tremendously, but the question is
Is this growth directly proportional to our resources and the revenue generated over the years? 
In a country like ours with massive natural endowments, should this be the case?
     Indeed it is true that we’ve had a population explosion with over 170 million individuals in habitation; a population which has been increasing rapidly over the years and and at the same time, our national revenue, funds and income have equally increased in larger percentages.
     In our power sector, the professionals would argue that the rate of energy has been increasing credibly over the previous years but the case of power outage hasn’t been giving a lasting solution.
  In my conversation with a couple of senior citizens, I could deduce that in the 1960s, there happened to be a better rate of power supply compared to the current situation in our various demographic locations in Nigeria today. What exactly could be the cause?
Could it be lack of foresight on our part? Or misappropriation of our funds?
If our energy rate game has been stepped up, then how come the power sector is still staggering to the point of stability?

    From all indications, there has been a steady regression in the high-held standard of our leadership, from the time of Tafawa Balewa and his counterparts.
But to who or what do we owe this gross abnormality to?
     Obviously, there are numerous pointers to the nation’s economic growth and development but the argument still remains that this growth spreads rationally across the country; not neglecting the masses, regardless of their societal or economic class.
      Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of our natural endowments such as: large land mass, surplus quantity of priceless mineral resources, favourable climatic condition, rich diversity of cultures, languages and a host of others. We can not continue to lament and complain of lack and poverty when we’re sitting on a gold mine.
     Amidst the terrorism in the Northern part of Nigeria, we can boldly say that we as Nigerians have a spirit of togetherness even with a wide combination of over 389 distinct tribes. There’s no doubt that sometimes cases of tribalism exist, but this is unavoidable in a country with such number of tribes.
  On the other hand, if we can remember accurately, it was predicted that there will be no election in Nigeria come 2015 and that we may probably be divided, but the elections have come and gone and we’re still standing together as a country. If we can survive 7 military coups, ( I stand to be corrected) a bloody civil war, terrorism and the rest of them, then we can survive just about anything.
      Unlike the western media has portrayed us to be, Nigeria is a nation of hospitality and home to many patriotic trailblazers who are doing credible and notable things within and outside our shores.
       However, our major problem as a country is giving attention to issues of little value or importance. Like the endless political squabbles and blame games between leaders and their political parties who ought to focus more in driving us forward like their counterparts in other countries of the world.
     Let’s take a flashback to our just concluded elections, which began and ended on the notion of “Change”. The elections strategically prove that Nigerians haven’t lost hope in their motherland which has been wavering between acceleration and reverse gear.
The winning government was given a great chance to rule due to their ability to think outside the box and bring something that is greatly needed- Change!
         The “change” mantra has been effected and pulled Large strings of hope in Nigerians, but the question now is; what next?
What next after the national chanting of change?
What are Nigerians to expect?
Another four years of political brouhaha? Or a calculated solution to our national problems?

      Notwithstanding, we as Nigerians shouldn’t leave every single issue for the government or blame them for all our misgivings. Change begins with you, change begins with me, change begins with us all.
Change begins with us adhering to traffic rules
Change begins with us quitting the queue jumping craze
Change begins with us obeying sanitation laws
Change begins with us helping our brothers and sisters up
Change begins with us refusing to hold on to the bribery and corruption importunity
Change begins with us encouraging our youths to do more good
Change begins with us all working towards a great Nigeria.

I strongly believe in a better Nigeria, a Nigeria where I can walk to school without fear of stray bullets, a Nigeria where I can travel to various locations without fear of being kidnapped. A Nigeria where dreams come alive, a Nigeria of positive possibilities, a Nigeria of great and resourceful youths.
I believe in Nigeria.
Happy Independence day Nigeria
God bless Nigeria!
Your humble sweetheart,
Charlene Chikezie.


9 thoughts on “Nigeria @ 55: An Open Letter To Nigerians. (MUST READ)

  1. Nigeria is blessed, good never come so easy but many at times we don’t want to pay the price but want to eat the fruit of goodness and. we together can bring about a Nigeria of our dream. if we contiously work towards perfection we will get their. A few things how ever we need to take note of. without focus there is no destination. God Bless Nigeria

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