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I’ve Come A Long Way


      It all started like a joke
      I never saw this coming
      I believed no further
      Neglected every sign
      Displacing them as an ill product
      Of my mental assessment
      My mind was working round the clock
      I couldn’t think clearly
      I thought I was still at the starters
      At the point where my journey began
      But I didn’t understand
      With a myopic mindset
      I still thought I was stuck up
      In a rat race
      Trying to run around
      Trying to live
      Trying to avoid predators
      Trying to survive
      Trying to move ahead
      But I wanted too much things
      Way too much
      That I didn’t even notice
      That I’ve come a long way

      Running after perfection
      Had me weary and frustrated
      The things I could not achieve overshadowed those I achieved
      They weighed me down
      I couldn’t think clearly
      I thought I was back to square one
      Neglecting the little tasks I conquered
      Not paying attention
      To the fellows I indirectly gave hope
      Maybe I could have seen it then
      Or maybe not
      But I kept chasing after the Moon
      When I had the Sun and Stars
      Did I see it?
      Of course not
      I was too busy
     Searching for perfection
     That I didn’t realize
     The millions of miles
     I had moved since my life began
     Did I appreciate it?
     Then, No
     But now, Yes
    ‘Cos I can see now
     That I’ve come a long way

     Dear friend,
     I see you’ve tried to run an empire
     But your efforts were wasted in the fire
     You tried again and again but kept failing
     And now you feel really bad about it
     You hate yourself so much
     You no longer believe in yourself
     You feel terrible and useless
     But you forgot one thing
     You grew…
     Over ten times how you were at the beginning
     Ten times you tried
     Ten times you failed
     You thought
     You acted
     You tried
     You failed
     You brainstormed
     You tried again
     You failed yet again
     You broke down
     You got up
     You tried again
     Can’t you see?
     That you’ve come a long way
     And that failure is a test
     To measure your profound ability
     To withstand
     To absorb
     To reason (logically or not)
     To do a different thing
     To be consistent
     To calculate
     To preserve
     To persist
     To succeed
     To try again
     To reach your goal
     But you took off in frustration and pain
    At the last minute
    When you were close to the light
    So close to your reward
    How sad…
    But I hope you can now realize
    That you’ve come a long way.

Poet’s Note: A poetic reminder that in all that life throws at us, we should always dwell on the positive side, be grateful for the journey and give no attention to the negativities that try to ruin our peace of mind.
                        Your humble sweetheart,

2 thoughts on “I’ve Come A Long Way

  1. Awesome job. I’m also a writer & you’ve inspired me a lot. would love to hear from you cause I couldn’t get your e-mail address.

    I wish you all the best.

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