Two Sides Of A Coin (2)


[[[[[Two Sides Of A Coin (1) here’s the link to the previous post, in case you missed it]]]]]

  You know that sensational feeling you get when you find your better half? That unexplainable feeling of satisfaction that makes you abandon your predatory skills…
Well, that was my experience when I first met Chidinma, she had this incredible type of personality that reached out to my soul.
Meeting her made me quit my hunting games, I had to make her mine before someone else did.
       Its over a year now and I’m planning to take the big step but lately, she’s been acting a little strange, her cheerfulness is gradually turning sour. That electrifying twinkle in her eyes are no longer there; something is definitely wrong but I just don’t seem to get hold of it.
     Ever since I got back from Abuja, we now have long and awkward silences in our conversations, I’ve thought of asking her straight up but on second thought maybe I should just wait it out but then again, maybe not. The Chidinma I know would never say a word until I make a move.
         Tonight is the night, I’m finally going to propose to her… even with her funny attitude, I’d still give it a try.
At this point, I’m really nervous. Hahaha sounds funny right? A man like me shouldn’t be… but what happens tonight is going to change my life totally.
       Picking a ring for Chidinma was more difficult than I imagined, but thanks to Laide, who finally agreed to go with me to Monique Jewelry store. I invited Laide for dinner with the family, but she declined; saying she didn’t want to get in the way or be seen as an ex that refused to let go. Women and their bizarre thinking! Chidinma couldn’t possibly think that way, she knows how in love I am with her.
       I can’t wait to make Chidinma mine finally. I even went as far as going to Abuja to see her Uncle, Engr Mezeobi for the bride price list; which is ridiculously affordable compared to the usual myths. Chidinma doesn’t even know my main reason  for the trip, telling her was going to spoil my surprise. I had to come back to Lagos before my scheduled time to book for dinner at her favourite restaurant, Jordan has also agreed to bring a flash mob to do the “Nae Nae” dance.(she’s crazy about that song).
Dinner is in three hours, I have to make final arrangements and pick her up by 7:30. Man! I just can’t wait…

Writer’s note: This is a continuation of yesterday’s post… Another product of my imagination.
Your humble sweetheart

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