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Two Sides Of A Coin (1)


      A story is never one sided, there always seems to be more… depends on individual thoughts, assumptions, or the conclusion of the parties involved. You cannot totally sum up the scores based on visible facts; which may look right by mentally adding one and two together.
       Issues of life cannot be treated like a normal case of fixing puzzle pieces, it takes the open mindedness of both parties to discern the truth at the end, but what happens when one or both parties are blindfolded individuals in the dark?
        *            *           *
    I had to take a nap to steam off my anger, how could he? How could Darlington go back to see Laide, hasn’t he ever heard that rekindling an old flame could cause a fire outbreak?
Maybe the “All Men are the same” cliché was true after all.
One year and two months into our relationship and he’s already going back to Laide. Something just wasn’t adding up.
       I wouldn’t have suspected anything until that evening. Previously Amanda had seen him at various locations with her on two occasions. But that very day, my eyes did the seeing.
      Darlington told me he urgently needed to be in Abuja the next day and he was going to be spending one week there. Three days after he left for his “supposed” trip, I was driving down to the wine ship about 35 kilometres away from my part of the city when I saw Darlington, yes my very own “I’m-in-Abuja-at-the-moment” Darlington in front of the Jewelry store opposite where I was trying to get a parking space. Oh, and guess who he was talking to? Laide! his ex girlfriend. I just sat there with my hands glued to the steering, my entire heart was shattered into tiny bits( even Humpty Dumpty had nothing on me) another part of me was screaming “Get down and give him a piece of your mind!” But no, I had too much dignity to do that, so I just drove back home in anger and teary eyes not without me seeing him give her a quick hug and peck on both cheeks.
      When he got back, I was there to welcome him of course but I know he noticed that the sparkle in my eyes whenever I was with him was gone. I didn’t care, I had been lied to but  decided to play it cool(you have no idea how hard that was)
“How was your trip dear?” I asked. You ought to have seen the way he was ranting and talking about his stay in Abuja. I was just watching, allowing him fool himself with his deceit.
     However, there was this glitter in his eyes; the type kids have when they get a new toy. Something was obviously up with him but of course he was with Laide and thought I would never find out. I showed little interest in what he was saying, my sarcastic remarks and replys put him off.
      After Darlington got back, he invited me for dinner with his elder brother, Jordan, Jordan’s wife Amanda (my very good friend) and a few relatives and friends. Whatever his plans were, he had probably decided to choose Laide over me, so I decided to end it before he did.
That was my secret plan for dinner, to call off the shots…

Writer’s Note: Another product of my unpredictable thoughts, pardon my imaginations, they’ve been running wild lately… The concluding part of this story would be posted later today.
Your humble Sweetheart

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