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Diary Of Naya (1)


  “IT’S A HUNDRED thousand naira or nothing” “What?! Come on baby… this is Lagos ain’t nobody gonna pay that high for one night.”
                     *        *       *
    This was a regular ordeal for Ifunaya. Most of the nights were like this for her. The ‘Night Life’ as she called it, was a sight to behold, with different beauties positioned at strategic locations flaunting their assets effortlessly with a price tag.
       Naya (as her friends liked to call her) and her associates on the streets preferred to call themselves” Marketers”. As far as Naya was concerned, there were five categories of marketers; those who didn’t see the four walls of an institution, those who dropped out of school due to financial and other issues, the wannabes who lived a high lifestyle in campus, the intelligent ones with little source of funds and then those who were brainy, lived comfortably but were in due to peer pressure or just for the fun of it.
      Ifunaya Roberts fell into the fifth category.
Naya grew up in a Christian home, she had parents who made sure their children were brought up in the fear of the Lord. She used to be a good sweet girl, the kind of daughter everyone admired but something went wrong along the line. Things changed.
       *         *          *
      It all started when Naya was newly admitted into the University, her joy knew no bounds, she was finally going to leave her parents’ grip for a while and taste freedom. Within a few days, preparations were made for Naya’s resumption to school. She was going to be living with Melissa, the daughter of her father’s Childhood friend. Naya knew little or nothing about Melissa, but that didn’t matter, she was finally leaving home and that was what mattered.
       Melissa Pepple was born in the southern part of the country but was later whisked off to the States. At age sixteen, Melissa was enrolled in Brooklyn Law School, New York, against her father’s wish. He always thought she would become a ‘hippie’  especially with her rebellious attitude but Mrs Pepple would have none of that gibberish.
      In less than two years, Melissa had mixed with the wrong crowd and as the days went by, she grew worse. She was sent to rehab three different times for drug use and addiction until she  was finally expelled.
    “You can’t come to New York to disgrace me, you’re leaving for Nigeria first flight tomorrow to continue your education!” Melissa’s father said to her. But she was already hardened she didn’t give a hoot.
                 *       *       *
     Coming back to Nigeria wasn’t part of Melissa’s life plan but as far as she was concerned, she was going to make the best of it in her own way, whether her parents liked it or not.
Naya had already met Melissa once at a family get together, she remembered how Melissa acted buff and had liked her guts almost immediately.
    * * *
“Hello, I’m Melissa… well we’ve obviously met before and by now I’m guessing you automatically think we’re friends cos of our parents’ bond, but No, if you’re gonna be my friend you’ve most likely gotta earn it”
What?! Naya could hardly believe what she heard,  what kind of girl welcomed a new roommate that way?  This was totally incredible! Naya was angered but she just decided to act dumb and unpack her things, it was too early to start a fight.
       Ifunaya was two weeks behind classes and had a lot of catching up to do and thanks to Bimbo, her next door neighbour who gave her all the help she needed.
Naya didn’t particularly dislike Melissa but the chick’s attitude irritated her, she had to control herself a lot to avoid cat fights but on some occasions, a fall out was unavoidable. And of course, it ended with their parents coming in to straighten out issues.
          *       *        *
      After the first semester, Naya was more than excited to be home with her family, she couldn’t wait to get out of Melissa’s way.
The holidays had come and gone and everyone was back to school, ready for the new semester. Naya came back thinking Melissa was going to be better but how wrong she was! Melissa came back with more trouble. This time she brought in a couple of unruly friends who found pleasure in invading Naya’s privacy most of the time.
The height of it was when Naya got back one evening to see Teniola smoking on her bed with the ash littered all over her corner of the room. But what could she do?
        Naya was growing weary from the fights and fall outs with Melissa.
“Maybe I should just earn her friendship and let peace reign; at least if you can’t beat them, join them.” She said to herself. That sounded like a good idea to her but that was a decision she was bound to regret…
              *          *         *
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(Another product of my wild and realistic imaginations…Lol)

                    Your humble sweetheart
                    *Charlene Xoxo*


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  1. I only knw u as a course mate never known that u are this wonderful. Pls. Nurture this talent of urs cos I want to see you at the top. Good luck. Charlene

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