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Too Late?


  How old are you?
  That you think it’s too late
  How far have you gone?
  That you feel you can’t go anymore

  Perhaps you’re 60, 70 or 80
  Or you’re not up to that. 
  Then why beat yourself up
  Over issues you can’t solve

  If One O’ Clock isn’t your time
  Then it’s probably Three O’ Clock
  It may not happen when you want
  But it’s definitely going to happen

  Your eyes are red and dripping
  From the midnight tears you shed daily
  Take it easy… God isn’t deaf
  He heard you the first time

  It’s just not your time, at least not yet
  You know Gods time is the ultimate
  So you should keep your clocks away
  They’d only keep you frustrated

  Stop searching for miracles in vain places
‘Cos you think time isn’t on your side
  Be calm and prepare your mind for it
  And it’d come at the right time.


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