A Push From Heaven


    Racing down life’s tracks
    I’m never far from his presence
    Walking through the forest of upheavals
    His eyes are forever on me
    Even when envious powers try to beat down my speed
   The Lord’s burning fire crushes down their deed

   As an eagle soars high, so has the Lord made me fly
   As the cheetah runneth, so has the Lord made me prosper
   In all my endeavors has the Lord given me speed
  When the people cried and languished in defeat
   He held me up and gave me a push
   A push from heaven that propelled me to greatness

  As Jabez prayed, so did I
  You heard my plea and answered them all
  You enlarged my territory beyond expectation
  He turned my life around and caused a magnificent change
  One so great it gave the devil a heartbreak
  All this he did with just one push from heaven

  Like Isaiah 40:31 said, he renewed my strength
  Mounting me up with wings as eagles
  That my tormentors no longer see my rear
   I ran miles and miles but the Lord took away weariness
   I walked in faith and grasped his word
  He gave me a new song and all round acceleration
  And all it took was a push from heaven.

Poet’s Note: Another of my spiritual poems…

Sometimes in our travails, all we need is a little push from heaven and everything becomes amazing for us. Just remain faithful and hopeful, he won’t let you down…he never does.


11 thoughts on “A Push From Heaven

  1. Beautifully written….. 2012 I received one push from heaven and since then I’ve been in motion. Never seems funny when we start buh His Word keeps everything working together.

    1. Thank you Cj, It’s good to know you can relate totally since you’ve experienced a push from heaven. Its awesome encouraging other people with our life experiences, so they can hold on steadfastly.

  2. God bless you, wisdom from above be multiplied upon you, maybe let’s say one “push from heaven” upon you for greater inspiration. Some times that push from heaven won’t be as favorable at the time but if only we can understand it’s a push from heaven and we endure the impact then at the latter end we would be smiling

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