Two Sides Of A Coin (2)

[[[[[Two Sides Of A Coin (1) here’s the link to the previous post, in case you missed it]]]]]      You know that sensational feeling you get when you find your better half? That unexplainable feeling of satisfaction that makes you abandon your predatory skills… Well, that was my experience when I first met… Continue reading Two Sides Of A Coin (2)

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Two Sides Of A Coin (1)

      A story is never one sided, there always seems to be more… depends on individual thoughts, assumptions, or the conclusion of the parties involved. You cannot totally sum up the scores based on visible facts; which may look right by mentally adding one and two together.        Issues of life cannot be treated like… Continue reading Two Sides Of A Coin (1)

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Diary Of Naya (1)

  “IT’S A HUNDRED thousand naira or nothing” “What?! Come on baby… this is Lagos ain’t nobody gonna pay that high for one night.”                      *        *       *     This was a regular ordeal for Ifunaya. Most of the nights were like this for her. The ‘Night Life’ as she called it, was a sight… Continue reading Diary Of Naya (1)