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Garden Of Love

Garden Of Love

A very perfect garden of love
  I stand to admire from this hill above
  Drooling and gazing as I watch in awe
  An adorable couple expressing their love
  Love that seems as pure as a dove

  Hurrying my way down the hills
  To catch a glimpse of how this love feels
  I approach a couple of flowers and trees
And find some really intriguing new things
 Things that seem to give my nerves some chills

  There’s a mother duck caring for her duckling
  In a manner I find a little surprising
  The sparkle I see in the eyes of the duckling
  The same I see the couples exchanging
  As their lips lock together in kissing

  Oh, this kind of love thrills my heart
  I want an affection such like that
  So I pick up a lovely termite
  But my reward is a painful bite
  Reminding me of how bad love can hurt
  Pronouncing all our hopes and dreams as lost

  We all have our fantasies but Love in reality is key
  I treasure the way dreams and moments of it make me feel
  Causing my heart to cruise and go in a reel
  Thinking out loud; “I want this kind of sensational thrill”
  As I lay down on my bed to sleep, my mind rolls slowly on a love-wheel.

Poet’s Note: A poetic release of the show of affection I’ve witnessed by nature and it creations in natural dwellings. Its an awesome sight to behold I must tell you. Makes you crave rolling on a love-wheel.


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