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My Own Woman


   At some point in life, we learn some great lessons that are meant to sharpen and strengthen us for the future.
   We’ve gone through trials, temptations and tribulations but we shouldn’t let it get to us.
   We’ve helped people and gotten betrayed by them but it shouldn’t stop us from doing good.
   We’ve loved, gotten heartbreaks but it shouldn’t stop us from loving
   We’ve been lied to, cheated on and hurt all over but it shouldn’t stop us from being friends with people who need our encouragement and soothing words. 
   Life in itself is unfair but you can chose to ignore the ‘Un’ and make it fair to people around you.
  Try to be the sun in someone’s life  Try to be the reason someone continues to live and smile. 
   But in all of this don’t forget to be your own person.
   I’ve chosen not to be carried away by the heights i’ve acheived and will still achieve.
  I’ve chosen to be the lady my future kids would see tomorrow and be proud of.
  I’ve chosen to be fair to myself and those around me.
  I’ve chosen to be the light in someone’s life.
  I’ve chosen to be calm but say what i want and mean without losing it
  I’ve chosen to be wild, young and crazy but still be me.
  And finally, I’ve chosen to be my own woman…
  One who hopes for the best but isn’t afraid of the worst.

Poet’s Note: A poem intended to encourage you to be your own person, be yourself and not give up on life and the trials it comes with.
                  Your humble sweetheart,
                    *Charlene Xoxo*

4 thoughts on “My Own Woman

    1. Of course, there’s a hooded and faceless man in the background. That represents the trials we’ve gone through; though they exist, they are behind, in the past and are faceless. Now that’s part of what makes us our own person.

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