Race Of Life


  Boom! Goes the race gun
  The race has begun
  A race we must all run
  Life’s journey is unknown
  Yet we must run

  The race has begun
  We all start running
  I’m running too; for its a race for all
  The high and mighty, the poor and lowly
  None is left out for all must run
  As the race goes on, I become weary
  Gradually, my legs lose their strength
  I cry out for help and plead for strength
  But no one seems to hear me
  For they are all running too

  I’m tired and weak
  Falling on my knees and pleading
  Just as I’m about to fall to the ground
  I feel a rush of wind
  Violent yet soothing

  Nothing like the earthly kind
  Yet as invigorating as ever
  A different kind of wind;
  One so comforting
  None like I’ve ever experienced

  Someone must have heard my dying pleas
  And sought out to help me
  But this feeling I feel
  Is something special
  Something rare and familiar…

  I see myself in the air now
  Gracefully flying through the track
  This is so weird, something best imagined
  Something not humanly possible
  But its happening now and happening for real

  I look down at the others below
  They’re still struggling through the race
  Banking on their human strength
  Some are running, some are fainting
  And some are dead

  There’s a man beside me
  A guardian angel or so I think
  And I ask him
  “Why are they suffering and struggling so much?”
  “Why can’t they just fly through like I’m doing?”

  And he said to me “They didn’t ask me to help them
  They prefer to languish and suffer
  By believing in their own strength and abilities”
  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?
  Then it struck me that…

  Complete dependence on the creator     will give us an everlasting source of strength
  Silly me, silly you, silly us.
  We’re always basking in the glory of our strength, talents and abilities
  Until they fail us
  And we crash to the ground
  When there’s someone up above in the heavens
  Someone willing to help you through
  If only you sincerely ask him to.

  Poet’s Note: I started writing this poem about a year ago but I never got past the fourth verse and I had no idea why there wasn’t any inspiration to complete it. Its funny how God didn’t reveal its direction until today while I was about to take my beauty nap.
     However, this poem summarizes our lives as humans and how we chose to rely on our abilities alone, leaving the most important person; our creator out of the picture. I hope this speaks to someone like it did to me. Feel free to share with me what you think.
              *Your humble sweetheart,
                 Charlene *


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