He Brought Me Flowers Today


  Every time I set my eyes on him
  I knew he was the one
  People thought otherwise
  But did I care? My heart was already taken
  Our bond grew stronger
  Stronger than the power of love
  He was like an angel from above
  More than I could ever ask for

  That day we walked down the aisle
  I knew we were in this for a while
  That smile on his face as he said “I do”
  Made my heart jingle in tunes
  That heavenly look on his face had the keys to my heart
  What we shared was meant to be or so I thought
‘Cos when we first met
  He brought me flowers

  On my twenty-fourth birthday
  He brought me flowers like everyday
  Roses and lilies
  Knowing my favourites
  But we had an argument today
  He was so angry, never like I’ve ever seen
  He flung his shoes at me, belt marks on my skin
  And hit me more when I tried to plead
  The next day he was by my bed
  And he brought me flowers
  ‘I’m sorry’ he said
  ‘Don’t know what got into me
   I had forgiven him already
   He was the centre of my universe
So I decided to skip that verse
   I felt him drifting away
   Wallowing in his burden
   He never shared with me
   So I didn’t try to burst his bubble
  Our marital vows said “For better for worse”
   He seemed to have forgotten the rules
   Tonight was our anniversary
   And he brought me flowers from the nursery
   While having dinner
   I saw his joy had withered
   I reached out to him and ask what was wrong
   I should have held my tongue
‘Cos he got up in anger and pushed me down the stairs.

   Down and down I rolled and into the wall I crashed
   I woke up feel pains up to my veins
  But I still loved this man
  And he was by my bed again
  With letters and flowers
  This time Tulips and Roses
  He kissed my forehead
  And I let it all slide

  He brought me flowers today
  Its neither Valentine’s day nor our anniversary
  But today is a special day
  The day of my funeral
  The worst happened, he pushed me down the stairs again
  But this time I wasn’t lucky
  Death took me away
  I saw him at my grave side
  And he brought me flowers today
  For the last time…

Poet’s Note: This poem depicts the life of one who suffered marital violence but wasn’t fortunate to get away alive. I’m not in anyway a feminist, but I believe this poem is going to touch the soft parts of our hearts as we all kick against domestic violence in marriages. I hope you liked the poem and I also hope this poem has saved or will save someone from marital violence and its prospects. 🙂
              *Your humble sweetheart,
                 Charlene xoxo *


13 thoughts on “He Brought Me Flowers Today

  1. If she’s so much into flowers she should’ve gotten some herself and dropped it off with divorce papers

    Nice one

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