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Live In The Moment


  A time comes in life
  When your emotions cut like a knife
  From betrayals and terrifying goodbyes
  Paying no heed to your goodwill and sacrifice

  Leaving you with the mental torture
  And haunting your soul with internal pressure
  The pressure to find a thing to treasure
  In anticipation of your uncertain future
  Now you’re frantically searching
  For something that isn’t missing
  You don’t even consider stopping
  ‘Cos you desperately need believing 

  What you search for lies within you
  But you seem blind and have your eyes in glue
  Why don’t you just take the cue
  Relax and flow with the blue

  I do not guarantee a happiness that is permanent
  Or an escape from self loathing and abandonment
  But I do know what will keep you from more torment
  And that is for you to enjoy and live in the moment.

Poet’s Note: Life has phases of the good, bad and “not-so-goods” but how you scale through depends on your ability to manage them, live in the moment and savor every feeling it brings to your advantage. My poem gives you a deep and poetic insight towards managing the above phases.
                         Your humble sweetheart,
                          Charlene xoxo.


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