You Never Noticed


     Rolling out in the open
     Feeling of Love professed all around
     As good as it could get was all you ever saw
     You were blind and it hurt like hell.

     I had no regret but my time was wasted
     Living in hope and trust; that you’re the one I wanted
     But your negligence made the love become faded
     Drinking and texting all I could do was get wasted

     My heart was open and plain
     Enough for you to see the pain
     But no, you were so engrossed in self love
     That you never noticed

      Silly me; should’ve read the signs
      But I never did see
      That you weren’t real enough
      So you never noticed
       Times I went through life-to-death phases
       Were your major moments of bliss
       Swimming with other fishes
       That you never really noticed the obvious.

POET’S NOTE: A poem that is centralized on the feeling of being neglected by a loved one; definitely not a nice feeling. So I hope this piece of writing is going to change someone’s attention-driven attitude towards their loved ones. 🙂
                        *Charlene Xoxo*


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