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Cloud Bound


Flying mental kites at night
Such a sight that you should see
Of the many things I do
Whenever I’m cloud bound

A million dollar smile spread across my face
As I float up and down the cloud’s crest
Navigating my way between the stars
I swear I can touch the sky

Tiptoeing across the moon
I bet Neil Armstrong walked in my shoes
Happiness is my rocket propellant
Whenever I’m cloud bound

So much excitement in my veins
Enough to make a merry go round
So my inner goddess does back flips on 6inches
‘Cos I’m cloud bound.

Poet’s note: Oh well…you saw the title “Cloud Bound”. I literarily was cloud bound at the time I scribbled this short piece of writing. Also, Katie Melua’s Rhythm of The Night Track was an inspiration for this poem.(Cos I had my headsets on while writing this).
   Be nice, tell me what you think…
                                  Charlene xoxo


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