Tega’s Dark Secret


  With eyes like fire and breath like brimstone
   Tega was never the one you’d want to get angry
   She’d bruise your skin and crush your bone
   You’d think you got hit by a man in the army

  I knew this fact and kept my distance
  But I had friends who were never so lucky
  Tega’s strength is something I’d never describe
  But my subconscious mind named her the Steel Lady

  One very faithful day, on my way to the mall
  I heard laughter and giggles resounding continuously behind me
  It was the girl next door and her clique mocking Tega, “The almighty Tega”
  I scampered and hid in a corner, fearfully watching out for the Steel lady

In less than a second, Tega surfaced from nowhere
And was after Ngozi; the girl next door, dragging her and pulling her hair
What Tega is capable of isn’t something you’d doubt
  But Oh dear, I should have warned her
  Series of Occurrences after
  Everyone learned their lesson
  No one ignored Tega but we never went too close either
  Our conversions began and ended on the “Hi” and “Hello” basis

    The holiday came and I was glad it did
    But little did I know that the devil was about to send me a gift
   Tega’s parents were going for an important convention
   And they needed Tega to stay with us until they got back

  “Tega would be staying in your room” was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

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                                     Charlene Xoxo



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