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Lady Cleopatra and Lord Thomas

Lord Thomas: 
         Oh thou fairest among women
         Daughter of the Duke of Hamsfort
         Thou has captured my heart
         Beyond the discernment of humans
         Each day that passeth strengthens my love for thee
         Thou hast ravished my heart
         And rendered my cerebral activities useless
         With thy smile that shineth like the sun
         Oh thou Cleopatra my beloved
         How my heart acheth for thy love
         Thine eyes are as the eyes of pure doves
         Thy lips are as lilies found in the precious garden of Beaufort
         Thy nose are pointed like flower bullets ready to shoot
         Even thy mouth smelleth of very sweet fragrance
         Oh my beloved Cleopatra, do not withdraw thy love from me.

Lady Cleopatra:
         Oh Lord Thomas of FordSmith
         Why art thou not resting in thy chambers
         Why does thou choose to be here
         And flatter thy royal maiden with words of praise
         Thy countenance frightens me, my Lord.

Lord Thomas:
         Be not afraid, my beloved
         For thy Lord Thomas meaneth no harm for thee
         Thou art just too fair to be allowed out of my sight
         For thy bosoms are just like Oranges in their prime
         Ready to be plucked by a fair man of royalty as I

Lady Cleopatra:
         My bosom look not like Oranges
         Neither art they going to be anywhere near thy cunning hands.

Lord Thomas: 
        Pardon me, fair lady of Hamsfort
        Thou be not provoked by my choice of words
        For thy astonishing beauty has kidnapped my intelligence
        And caused my Oratory abilities to stand still
        Making my head devoid of appropriate words to use.
        Come with me in my ferry of love
        While we sail away to a faraway land
        A land no one knoweth
        A sweet Paradise where no one shall find us
        Come with me, I plead.

Lady Cleopatra:
        I come not
        For thy devious ways are known to me
        As well as thine escapades
        Neither am I blind to what thy other maidens have suffered in thy hands
        Thou cannot lure me with such words of sweetness.

POET’S NOTE: Decided to try my hands on something Shakespearean and somewhat of Old English pattern. Just hoping my attempt isn’t disastrous. However, thou art free to give thy beloved maiden feedback. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lady Cleopatra and Lord Thomas

  1. …Shakespearean english aint always direct…
    Kindaof a play with words…and constant use of si ile and personification…it wud rather say…
    “thy love draws sword to my heart” instead “thou hast ravished my heart”
    It wud say: Pardon me, fairest lady of Hamsfort, nor let me sweet words provoke your wrath”…..instead of Pardon me, fair Lady of Hamsfort…”
    .you shud always try to make it complex…but simple…and try play with words….

    Love de concept…danggling btw play…and poem…
    …your words smells of love nowadays my lady,…have thy eyes find a heart pleasing?

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